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Andre Patris – Skinny Teen Ectomorph 3 year Transformation

Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation
Name: Andre-Patris
Start age:17
Current age:21
Start weight: 67kg
End of transformation weight: 80kg
Height: 1,78m
Total weight lost or weight gain: 13kg

Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation

What keeps you motivated?

Myself. My success.


2years skinnytomuscular_transformation3
November 2013


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation

How often do you workout?

5-7 times a week.


April 2013


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-Sept2014-3
September 2014

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

Push/Pull/Legs or HFT


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-Oct2014full
October 2014

What’s your most favorite exercise?

Squats and Deadlifts


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-Oct2014-back-2
October 2014

What does your diet consist of?

Meal 1: High carb, High Protein
Meal 2: Low Carb, high Protein
Meal 3: Low carb, high Protein Training
Meal 4: High carb, High Protein
Meal 5: Low Carb, High Protein, high fat


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-Oct2014-side
October 2014

What supplements are your taking?

Creatine, Protein, Fatburner, Bcaa


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-Oct2014-compt
October 2014 -competition

What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Hiit with bike


Andre Patris-Ectomorph-Body-Transformation-November2014-full
November 2014


Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Come as you are – Nirvana

Your future fitness goals?

DFAC Worldchampion

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Don’t quit !! Stay focused on your dreams. Work for it, don’t wish for it.

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Andre Patris Social profile:

Facebook: Andre Patris – Fitness Motivation

Instagram: simply_shredded_ap


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