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Top Ectomorph Body Type Transformation Pics


Ectomorphs are commonly referred to as “hard gainers” due to their naturally thin and skinny body type. They tend to struggle when it comes to gaining muscle and bulk, and need to consume more calories than the average person in order to reach their goals. As an ectomorph, you have a unique set of needs when it comes to your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle. 

Despite ectomorph body type being naturally thin and having difficulty in bulking up, ectomorphs can still build muscle and gain weight with the right approach by having the right structure diet and workout routine. 

The key is to understand your body type and create a diet plan that will help you bulk up. You need to focus on eating enough calories and the right kind of food to ensure you are getting enough nutrients for your body type. Additionally, regular exercise is necessary for ectomorphs as it helps in increasing muscle mass and strength.

Top Ectomorph Body Type Transformation Pics

Skinny Teen Body Transformation

Here’s an ectomorph transformation from Jake Lind. Jake was a skinny kid weighing only 125 pounds and standing 6 feet tall. He had the height but need to put on muscle mass so he changed his lifestyle. He started lifting 5 days a week and ate only healthy balanced meals 6 times a day.

“With determination and heart, there is nothing you can’t do. I don’t care how small you are, how skinny you are, if you have the heart, and you have the drive, and you have the determination you can do whatever the hell you want!”

“This is my skinny to muscle transformation! Hard work and Nutrition.” -Jake Lind


Skinny Teen Body Transformation
2years skinnytomuscular_transformation3

6 year progress. From 130lb to 195lb
2years skinnytomuscular_transformation3
2years skinnytomuscular_transformation3

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18 Year Old Ectomorph Body Typle Transformation

ectomorph body type pics

ectomorph body type transformation

(18-21) Never forget where you came from

“I get asked a lot how did you do it? The answer is simple, when your hungry for success you will chase your goals, there’s no time for excuses or bullshit. From day 1 I’ve had a long term vision and I’m still chasing it. I’m always aiming to be the best version of myself, physically and mentally. Imagine what’s possible once you stop doubting yourself”

Instagram: @remellgains

Chris Jones Ectomorph Bodybuilder Transformation

ectomorph body type


“I used to be so skinny that if I turned sideways I could hide behind a telephone pole. 

It’s been a long, rocky road.

The road hasn’t gotten any smoother, I’ve just gotten a hell of a lot better at driving.

I’m just getting started.

Your mind closes off and dulls as you go through the same routine every day.
Old grooves get deepened.

New ones never form.
Make a regular habit of mixing it up, doing new things, being spontaneous.
It will keep your mind open and growing, receptive and sharp.
Pick something from this list, and do it TODAY.
-run barefoot through the snow

-climb a mountain and roar as loud as you can at the top, strike a heroic pose, pound your chest

-go deep into the forest, find a clearing, take all your clothes off, soak up sun on your whole body

-pick up your woman on your shoulder without a word, carry her off somewhere, and take her

-find a field and sprint as fast as you can until your lungs burst

-climb a giant tree

-strike up a conversation with an intimidating stranger

-hand a stranger a $20 bill for no reason

-do a super high rep high volume workout, 25-35 rep range, super sets and no rest

-jump in a freezing river/lake at dawn/sunset

-buy a beef liver from a local farm, cook and eat the entire thing

-take Friday off work, drive up first thing to a mountain range and backpack for the whole weekend, alone

-check out a bjj or boxing gym if you don’t already go to one, and spar if possible

-put on a Viking war drums playlist for your workout and crank the volume

-find a dark, quiet room, light a candle, and stretch or meditate for an hour without interruption or distraction

-try a weird exercise, like the Jefferson squat or barbell hip thrust

-do something that people will think you’re weird for. In this world, you SHOULD be weird, because normal is miserable, boring, monotonous, tepid.


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Teen 1 Year Natural Transformation  from 17-18 Years Old

Instagram: @adamburgol


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