Best pre workout and post workout nutrition for different body types



The ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph are the three basic body types as identified by psychologist William Sheldon. In his system, the ectomorph is skinny, fragile, lightly muscled, flat chested, has trouble gaining weight, and has a generally nervous or uneasy disposition.

The mesomorph gains muscle easily, has an athletic to powerful build, and bears himself confidently. Mesomorph are generally known as the best type of body to become a bodybuilder.

The endomorph accumulates fat most easily, characterized as round and soft with under-developed muscles and having difficulty losing weight.

Sheldon thought that, by measuring and determining a particular body type, he could make various predictions about a given individual’s psychological traits.

Regardless of the body type you have, this very informative infographic provided by is very useful and easy to understand. It will identify your body type and diet.


Best pre workout and post workout nutrition for different body types

The ectomorph body type is the hardest to muscle on with, even if you have more of an ecto-mesomorph body type you may still find it extremely hard to pack on muscle. This is why sometimes even the best ectomorph chest workouts or bodyweight workouts maybe harder than the other two.


Mesomorphs are confident and find it easy to put on muscle. The mesomorph body type is characterized by a naturally muscular аnd rеlativеly lean body. The mesomorph haѕ the perfect basis fоr bесоming а bodybuilder – broad shoulders, barrel chest, and muscular arms and legs. A good еxаmрle оf onе wоuld bе movie star Vin Diesel.


Endomorphs gain weight easily and are usually in good moods. They generally have a large frame and are heavier than most. Slow metabolism means slow digestion and they don’t tolerate carbs as well.




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