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Patricia 63 Pound Weight Loss Transformation INTERVIEW

Name: Patricia
Time length: 2years
Start weight: 220
Current weight: 157
Height: 5’2
Total weight lost or weight gain: 63lbs
Ideal weight: 140 lbs

Why did you decided to transform?

I used to be in the navy and I was healthy. I gained over 60lbs being pregnant and in order to be back in shape quickly I used a weight loss drug phentermine that helped me quickly lose the baby weight for the navy and be in standards. I got out of the navy and moved to Spain with my family ( husband also navy) in which phentermine was not distributed. I gained all the weight back. ALL OF IT! Within 3 months!!! I stayed that size for a year. I had a job there which I quit the last year there to work out. I started slow by just doing a high incline to stretch and build my leg muscles. I never felt comfortable nor do I still for doing weights in the back but would love to some day. Eventually I started running more and more incorporate things at home like squats and push ups running up and down the stairs. Walking my daughter to school instead of driving. Small things . Next year I’m looking at doing a tough muddier race, as for now I have navy ball coming up that I would want to be Cinderella!

Patricia body transformation

Patricia body transformation

How often do you workout?

I work out at a gym at least 4 days a week but always doing other items at home or when I take my daughter to the park wither it’s lifting her 37lb swinging her soccer so on and so forth.

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

I enjoy cardio the most and compete with the calories distance and time.

What’s your most favorite exercise?

I enjoy cardio the most and compete with the calories distance and time .

Second I love squats.. everyone loves squats…just not the day after

Arms I just row and push ups with so variance of machines not being super confident with going to the back of the room does hurt and I could probably do more fear of judgment hurts.

What does your diet consist of?

Meals im not picky about what I eat because I still love food. But we make a lot of our food that eat out which we can control our portions to what kind of pastas and sauces how much and healthier side dishes . One time I tried carb free diet… On the 3rd day I are half a loaf of literally bread and butter . It wasn’t for me clearly. I can refine what I eat but honestly no restrictions which isn’t what a lot of people want to hear. Yes tons of water cheese and leans meats and fish are added in but if I want Mexican well I’m going to eat that

Do you have a favorite quote?

My number one quote “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the moon”

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

For others. I’ll just say baby steps. Sistine chapel wasn’t built overnight change one thing and slowly change something else . One by one until those changes become natural. I’m not a pro by any means . I slip up I still eat but I’m smarter about it this time

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