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Stephanie Castree INBA Competitor 20 Weeks Body Transformation

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Name: Stephanie Castree
Start age: 20
Current age: 22
Transformation period: My transformation was 20 weeks exactly
Start weight: 60 kg
End of transformation weight: 58 kg
Height: 166
Total weight lost or weight gain: 2kg

My goal was not to lose weight as such but too tone up and put on some muscle to compete in the INBA

Why did you decided to transform?

I wanted a healthier lifestyle for myself, I was previously a hairdresser working 40 hours a week and just unhappy & unhealthy, Which i am finding a lot of people fall into this trap today, You need to wake up everyday and do what makes you happy i believe, No matter what it is!

If you’ve got a dream, go for it.

Looking after your fitness & health is something that i now love teach others how to do.

What keeps you motivated?

I am my own motivation, When i look at my transformation picture and my competition photos of what i achieved in such a short time, Its a constant reminder that i am capable of anything.

How often do you workout?

5 days a week

Steph INBA transformation

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

I train a resistance program of full body movements, All being functional and improving strength & mobility in things we would do in everyday life I like to mix my training up & keep it interesting so always trying new things.

Currently i am playing with KLT training, Loving the BURN 😛

Please share your workout routine:

Monday: (Full body) Resistance training
Tuesday: ” ”
Wednesday: HIIT session
Thursday: ” ”
Friday: ” ”
Saturday: HIIT Session & Resistance
Sunday: ” ”

In my program, I always start off with some sort of squat wether that be leg press, Split squat,sumo squat or dynamic lunges. Then move on too “Push -Pull” theory for example :

  • Shoulder press & Lat pull down
  • Chest press & Seated row
  • Bicep curl & Tricep pull down/ Dips
  • Leg raises & Ab crunches

And finish my sessions with legs “Dynamic lunges”

I have a lot of variations that i incorporate into my program to progress, but this is the basis of how i sort of train.

Steph Castree transformation
~March 3 2015 Update~

What’s your most favorite exercise?

Squat rows & Leg press SUPERSET 🙂

What does your diet consist of?

I have around 6 meals a day all with some sort of protein, carbs, fats and greens.

Some of the foods that are in my diet :
Chicken. fish, red meat, salmon, eggs, almonds, sweet potato, brown rice, blueberries & i LOVE cinnamon on everything!

What supplements are your taking?

TNT Fuel – WPI, L Carnitine, L Glutamine, Bcaa’s & Creatine

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Jubel- Klingade This song takes you on a journey!

Do you have a favorite quote?

” No footprint in history was made by sitting down, MAKE IT HAPPEN ”

Your future fitness goals?

I will be competing in the INBA Bikini division in May next year, Very excited!

Follow my journey & hopefully i can inspire you to chase your dreams!

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Anything thats worth having is generally NOT easy, You will have times where you feel like giving up, Results can be very slow, If you have the right methods,The right attitude & believe in yourself & abilities, don’t ever give up! The power of your mind is really powerful. You attitude will ultimately determine how easy or hard your journey may be, You should always enjoy your journey, otherwise whats it all for?

Positive mind, Positive life!

Social Profile:

Business Facebook: Stefitness
Personal page: (Steph Castree)
Instagram: _stefitness

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