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Chiquita 3 Year Fat Loss Transformation



Chiquita 3 Year Fat Loss Transformation:

Name: Chiquita Tyler
Start age: 33yo
Current age: 36yo
Start weight: 193 pounds
End of transformation weight: 166 pounds
Height: 5’4

Total weight lost or weight gain

TotAl weight loss were around 40lbs, own to 151lbs but as soon as I touch the weights I let myself crept back up slowly to 166 with a total different body composition. At 25% body fat at the moment.

Why did you decided to transform?

Why i decide to change my sister came over from Indonesia and start making fun of me saying ” I feel sorry for my handsome bro in law, he married a queen kong.” We laugh about it. She took the pic in blue, it kinda click i need to do something. Bought myself some nike free run start running to the gym and havent stop. My sis so inspired by my weight loss she start her own. At 40 medicated for heart problem managed to loose 33lbs and never been happier.

Chiquita Fat Loss Transformation

What keeps you motivated?

I keep myself motivated with my own result. Everyday I see my self in the mirror theres always something i want to make or tweak better. I also be friended like minded people. I met from forums or random site of body building. My news feed never stop rotating because my peers are from all over the world. Gym rants check in nutrition rant progress pic thats what i see on my page. I use instagram and only follow and use bodybuilding hashtags so my audience are kept clean and we can continue inspiring each other.


How often do you workout?

I workout 4-5 days a week


What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

I found better growth training muscle group once a week, with high volumes typical work last 90 min with set up and minimal rest time I only fast walk or do walking lunges for cardio now. I have not sprints or jump ropes for about 10-12 weeks.

I researched and compile own routines through reading, mimic ing athletes with the body aesthetics I want.


Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Chest day
Tuesday: Shoulder day
Wednesday: off
Thursday: abs arms longer cardio
Friday: Back day
Saturday: Legs day alternate quads ham/glute ham work weekly
Sunday: rest

Chiquita Fat Loss Transformation

What’s your most favorite exercise?

Most favorite exercise DEADLIFTS. Unlike most girls believe that Squats gives the glutes, deads Grows my glute. squat tighten my glutes. But Deads with time under tension while the bar is low is King to me.

I dont lift heavy, I hate loosing form and not being able to squeeze or contract. I might not be the strongest girl but shaping is my game.

I recently found the use of iifym calculator that brakes down my calorie in take of protein fats and carbs composition for my goals which is fat loss. I can say that eating following that gave me a better result than what I did “eAting clean” or “healthy balance” I did for years. As soon you gave the exact nutrition your body starts to respond.

I have trained and learned this life style all by myself, through reading, Kind advice of others, My transformation wasn’t a 6 months ordeal it was years of learning. I never paid a cent for PT or a Coach yet. I don’t think its going to be necessary until I stop progressing.


What supplements are your taking?

basic supplements are whey and glutamine and Bcaa. My other extra are Pre workout (love prosupps mr Hyde and dr jekyll) A L-Carnitine and Creatine all taken in pure powder form. some multi vitamin and prebiotics and a green boost drink which I just tried not part of what i usually do.

Chiquita Fat Loss Transformation

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

fave gym track at the moment 0-100 by drake.

Do you have a favorite quote?

If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then You will be succesful -eric thomas

Your future fitness goals?

Future fitness goal is to be at around 20% body fat and keep working with that. I m going back to school and get certified as a PT so I can start helping my Girls ( moms and female in general) to get their body back with some real back up qualification and knowledge.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Start with a good proper pair of shoes, And for my girls invest a good sport bra.

Pick a Body athlete/bikini model or anyone and try to find out how they workout you can try and mimic that.

Progress pictures! Take them a lot and from day one. Side by sides of before and after always gives amazing boost to yourself.

Keep surrounding yourself with health and fitness, add fitness pages to your fb find an athlete to follow on instagram.

You dont need to look like someone else, Your Physique are your Own Your Aesthetics are your Own. Fit can happen at any weight you dont have to be in the 110lbs to look sexy or tight or whatever it was your goal. Keep tweaking where its lacking but never get pressured to look a certain way unless you Compete of course.

Believe in Your workout! Your workout is like a prayer, every effort every rep every set. Believe it! Believe that you are doing it right and you have given an honest effort. Your result will come as good prayers do.

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