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Adry Bella Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation 150lbs Loss in 20 months

Adry Bella Weight Loss

Adry Bella Weight Loss transformation photos has been circulating around the internet for a sometime now. Adry’s remarkable change caught the attention of many sites, which some have even taken her photos to promote various products without her permission. She’s been accused of many things such as having gone through surgery and photoshopped.

Read along her story to find out that all this was achieved by endless hours hard work, sweat, and tears. This involves running for miles, P90x, INSANITY CHALLENGE, and she just recently joined the gym! She felt like giving in many times but after seeing the results in the mirror. She knew that she needed to push on forward.”

“DO IT!!! For all the times you stared at someone thinner than you and wished you looked half as good, for all the times you wished you had the strength to turn down a craving, for all the tears that filled your pillow from crying yourself at night and wishing you could change, for all the clothes that never fit…that wouldn’t zip…that just wouldn’t look right. ***Let me tell you a story that happened when I was taking my CNA class: We teamed up into groups of 2 and checked each other’s blood sugars and vitals. We were taking blood pressures with a manual cuff (the one that goes on your upper arm.) There was only one cuff available and we all had to share it. As it happens, my partner and I were the last ones to participate. I took her blood pressure with no problem. Finally, she started to strap my arm with the cuff…but all of a sudden there was a problem.”
Adry Bella Weight Loss
“Brutally Honest Alert: The truth behind this post is that I’m so fed up with comments saying how I SIMPLY MUST have had surgery or else where did all the excess skin go? Assumptions of such nature are normal, I suppose, but the main reason why my profile remains UNPRIVATE is because I am 100% honest about my journey. I have videos showing my stomach, endless posts talking and displaying my excess bits. I have never resulted to surgery, and if I ever do in the future you better believe that it will be shared with you ALL. There is no secret to my weight loss. I have shared my transformation since day one. I started with walking and incorporated small at home workouts. Crunches, push ups, side kicks, sit-ups. Eventually increasing the number of sets as the months went by. As I shredded the weight I also grew my stamina and resistance to the point where I began running for a short period of time, then walking for a short period of time and repeat. Little did I know that by month 7 I was running straight for 2 miles!!! I added P90x, then finished the INSANITY CHALLENGE. It wasn’t until early this year that I ever joined a gym. What my body has been through shows in the mirror and stares back at me every day. I am not ashamed, I take every stretch mark, every pound, every ounce of saggy skin as a trophy. I’d much rather be here than where I started! And until you don’t personally struggle and go through what I’ve been through, sadly, you will never understand. I’m humbled by those who support me either way. And to those that just criticize, please don’t waste your time with your unnecessary comments that will just get ignored.”

Adry Bella Weight Loss

“I hadn’t lost all my weight just yet in that final pic on the right. I posted this pic back in April 2013. It’s been stolen by various websites promoting their products and promising my results. And even though I’ve seen it done too many times, it still makes me ANGRY. I’ve worked so hard, I’ve cried, I’ve wanted to give up endless amounts of times. If I had used a product I would have no reason to hide it, I wouldn’t care about what others thought or about being judged. Shoot I get judged and hated on regardless! I’m an open book, I don’t share my story for any ulterior motive other than to open the public eye to what “commitment” can achieve. To what drive can obtain, to what faith, hard work, & sacrifice will look like if we remain patient.”

“To be able to stick to something long enough (commit) and to see results appear in front of your eyes is a huge accomplishment. Sometimes we get so involved past the point that we don’t see that we are overdoing it. In the left picture I was doing 5 miles 4-5 days a week. I also did my at home workouts which included: push ups, kettle bell exercises, crunches, etc. I was so thin that I was losing muscle. Now, on the right, I have gained some muscle weight and am beginning to tone further. I increased lifting and decreased on the cardio. Im also consuming more protein foods and quit obsessing on calories. Maintaining is no joke and it’s just as difficult as any other part of weight loss. But is it possible? Abso-freakin-lutely!!! We are all in different stages of our journey, and we face separate difficulties…”

Adry Bella Weight Loss
“Because no matter how many times you say to yourself, “Tomorrow, tomorrow I start!” Or “Ok! This time I’m not giving up!” You can repeat this to yourself over and over but if you don’t commit to your words…that’s just it. Words are just words. If you have no intention, no motive, no passion, no will behind those words…then they will be blown away by the wind. Commitment is what will make those words, those wants, those goals into a reality. And because I stopped making empty promises to myself and instead acted on my desire to a better healthier me–because of that alone–I stand here today.”


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12 thoughts on “Adry Bella Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation 150lbs Loss in 20 months

  • Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. It really has paid off. I wish I had as much dedication. Like you said, it doesn’t happen on its own. It takes motivation, dedication, and the will to get what you want.

    You look awesome! Congrats

  • You look amazing! I currently resemble your before picture. Hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to snag your picture and hang it up as my inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amazing! So motivated to get moving!

  • Good for you! !!! Love your inspirational story amazing detication 🙂

  • You’re amazing very inspirational well done Xxx

  • Hi…can i have your email id to seek some help regarding weight loss??

  • Actually i am also doin some sort of exercises at home n never being to gym so i jus wana need some exercise plan plz guide me as u do amazingly 🙂

  • @zara you can contact her directly via her instragram from the above link. I don’t think she wants to give out her email to the public.

  • Your story is giving me inspiration!! I need to lose weight and keep getting distracted. I need motivation to exercise. You look amazing.

  • You are ab inspiration! I am a 53 year old and struggling to lose 100 pounds. You have inspired me to keep going!
    Thank you!

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