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Man Body Transformation Routine is Like A Scene From The Flintstones

Photographer Robert Gill physically transformed himself for his MFA thesis project titled Before or After Yourself that tried his body, mind, and skill in photography and digital media.

He didn’t go to the gym like the average folks, his training was much more extreme. In fact, his routine looks like something you would see in the famous cartoon The Flinstones. But hey guess what? it worked, he lost 40 pounds in nine months. Watch Robert’s video to see all his workouts!

Interview regarding his exercise routine

Why did you decide to do Before or After Yourself?

“That goes back to doing something that’s honest and a part of you. Wanting to make something a lot of people could relate to, in this case physical appearance.
[When I was] growing up, I was a larger kid and got made fun of a lot, and even now maybe there are lingering issues. [But] I didn’t want to necessarily make the project about that. I don’t think people look at it and think “this guy has an image complex.” [Or] maybe they do; that would be interesting.”

“I was inspired by other forms of media, before and after images. They’re used in advertising—the comparison image—and there is no space in the middle. It’s just a before and after, and it’s kind of a magical transformation that takes place and you don’t know how or why. I wanted to give the viewer more information in making the videos.”

What made it so difficult?

“The transformation? It was almost impossible; what I put myself through in the past nine months was insane. If I didn’t get my body to a certain point where I thought it was good enough to be a striking transformation, then the project wouldn’t be a success. It’s a lot of pressure: You don’t know if your genetics will even do it.”

Do you still keep up with the same regimen?

“I was exhausted, honestly. I’ve taken the summer to run and keep active and play sports here and there, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the same regimen. It was 6AM, wake up and run, two or three workouts a day, not going to the gym ever. It was important to me to keep it outside and keep it interesting. Running on treadmills doesn’t make sense to me.”



Here are some of Robert’s exercises:




Interview: burnaway.org

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