For the “predator” Kai Greene, there is no training the same routine twice. The back exercise shown here are not in any particular order, there is no such “usual” Kai back workout. You might see Kai at the gym his training back, but doing none of these exercises you’re reading about here and you will never guess what he’ll do next. Reps, sets, exercises and how they’re performed are constantly switching. As Kai Greene would often say that it’s all about making that “mind and muscle connection”.

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  • Greene is a volume trainer. He’s also a very smart trainer that came to understand what’s best for his body. He’s not in the gym to move heavy weights to set a personal record for weight lifted. Kai’s textbook form focus more of getting his reps in and contracting the targeted muscles!

    Even if Kai retired from bodybuilding he will be remembered as having one of the best back in this iron sport alongside from Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney’s, and Dorian Yates’. Kai back is literally a muscle shield! His lats spreads wide and thick, inserting low into his waist it almost appears lie he doesn’t have a waist from rear view. Kai’s got so much muscle tissue back there his lower lats actually hang over his spinal erectors and glutes.


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