In the shoulder training feature that follows, you’ve got to keep a couple of things in mind. One: What Kai Greene did for shoulders last workout almost assuredly isn’t what he’ll do for them next workout. The reps and sets, the exercises, and the way they’re performed, constantly change (Flux, remember?). Two: Kai does stuff no one else does or thinks of doing. Seated cable rows and chins to stimulate the delts?

Kai Greene Shoulder Exercises



Kai Greene workout is all about mixing things up and keeping the body guessing and growing. “You don’t want to use your traps on this movement,” says Greene. “Keep your elbows bent, almost like you’re doing a biceps curl.”





While standing Kaie keeps his palms toward the ground at all times, raising his arms perpendicular to his shoulders so his upper body appears as an enormous T. Greene’s shoulders burn as he performs these, and the range of motion shortens from his first to his last rep as he ekes out every ounce of growth and stimulation he can.

With laterals, Greene fries the anterior and medial heads of his delts.


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