The Ultimate Shoulder Workouts Anatomy: We’ve put together this graphic of different types shoulder workouts. Knowing the anatomy of each muscle group is necessary when you want to target a specific muscle.

From the side, the front, and rear, we want to have a full rounded shoulder. The more muscle on 3 major delts, the more of a dominant look you’re going to have from the front, back, and side. 

But just put all the focus on exercises for front delts. Your rear delts are just equally important as it a major stabilizer of the shoulder to help prevent back pain, shoulder dislocation, and stabilizes shoulder. Make sure to check rear delts workout for healthy shoulders.

The Ultimate Shoulder Workouts Anatomy


Bent Over Dumbbell Raise

When doing the Bent Over Dumbbell Raise. You might be hitting your rear delts a little bit but you’re actually hitting it traps the rhomboids a little bit of lacks because the stronger more dominant body parts will take over the exercise.

Rear delts is one of the biggest pains in butt muscle because it’s so small. All the body parts your traps, lats, back, and your rhomboids go take over during the exercise. So it’s important to keep putting on as much mass onto this rear delt as possible.


Cable Shrug

Benefits of cable shrug is your not just going up and down like the dumbbell shrug. Perform this in one fluid motion, go up and back. Squeeze while at the top and controlled motion on the way back down.


Behind The Neck Press

Exercise may be performed on shoulder press apparatus with rack or off of power rack with seat or without back support.

The medial and front deltoids are directly in line with the line of pull on the press so they’re doing all the work in conjunction with a little help from the triceps.

Without jerking the weight raise the bar overhead by extending your arms. Pause and then return the weight to the starting position.

Caution: Performing this exercise can cause serious injury if not performed properly.

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