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5 Medicine Ball Ab Attack Workout

Abdominal exercises are useful for building the abdominal muscles. A stronger core supports your spine, so you can lift more weight in every exercise. This is also useful for improving performance with certain sports, back pain, and for withstanding abdominal impacts (e.g., taking punches). According to a 2011 study, abdominal muscle exercises are known to increase the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles.

There are various ways to modify this routine such as changing the weight you are using, or the number of reps. If you are looking for a little extra challenge, try doing 15 of these Figure 8 Medicine Ball extensions to cap of your workout. With the added balance element to this move, this one is a great overall core exercise.

Skill level: Intermediate
Type: Strength Training
Equipment: Medicine Ball
Duration: 5 minute

The most common misconception is that doing countless abdominal exercises will allow you to lose unwanted fat around their stomach. This is probably one of the biggest myths of all time. The truth is, you need to burn off that layer of fat through effective cardio and food consumption. Most people don’t know what foods and cardio sessions actually work, and all too often are practicing those that
are not effective.



Figure 8 Medicine Ball extensions

figure 8 extension


Watch how to do each of the exercises:


Moderate weight dumbbell can also be used instead of medicine ball.



Twist with your abs and obliques. Do not squat down to bring the ball lower. Maintain a consistent knee bend throughout the exercise.



You can use a dumbbell. Start by holding the weight close to your chest, and move it further from your body to increase the challenge.



Each time the ball touches the floor overhead counts as one full repetition.

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