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JP Hulley 40 kg Loss MUSCULAR Transformation INTERVIEW

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Name: JP Hulley
Start age: 20
Current age: 23
Start weight: 120kg
End of transformation weight: 80kg
Height: 173cm
Total weight lost or weight gain: 40kg lost

Why did you decided to transform?

I was really overweight and unhealthy, I have a lot of friends in the fitness industry and was constantly motivated to achieve something I have dreamed of for years. The catch is, I wanted to do it naturally. So, with the help of my best friend, we trained at home and constantly progressed each day getting closer to that dream physique.

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What keeps you motivated?

Most def all the athletes who compete and sacrifice the “average” lifestyle to that of a dedicated and determined discipline. The constant reminder of why we do what we do, and what it takes to get there.

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How often do you workout?

6 days a week

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Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Legs & abs


bulgarian lunges

heavy leg raises

Hamstring curls

30 min ab session

40 min cycling cool down

Tuesday: Chest & Tri’s

flat bench press

incline dumbell flys

hammer press

butterfly press

tricep push downs (bar)

Skull crushers

overhead single tricep extension

weighted tricep dips

Wednesday: Back & Bi’s


low rows

T bar rows

incline bench pull

7’s (21’s)

Barbell preacher curl

machine curls (rope)

overhead cable curls

incline single arm dumbell curls

Thursday: Shoulders & Lats

rocky press

arnold press

flat barbell pull overs

car drivers ( weight plate)

low pulley single arm shoulder extension

lateral raises

wall push ups

Friday: Rest

Saturday: chest & Tri’s

cable cross overs

incline bench

dumbell press

overhead tricep extension (rope)

Push ups (diamonds, normal stance, wide stance all till failure)

low cable cross ups

Sunday: Bi’s & Calves

concentration dumbell curls

wide grip barbell curls

machine curls (bar)

standing weighted calf raises ( 3 stances – outter, straight and inner)

seated calf raises ( 3 stances – outter, straight and inner)

calf press – leg press machine

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What’s your most favorite exercise?

Rocky Press

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What does your diet consist of?

Meal 1: 7 egg whites, quarter avocado, 50g fat free cottage cheese, 1 slice low gi toast

Meal 2: Casein shake with water

Meal 3: 120g chicken breast, 100g sweet potato, 100g steemed veg, 50g fat free cheddar cheese

Meal 4: Whey shake with water

Meal 5: Half can of tuna, quarter avocado, 50g fat free feta cheese, 2 slices low gi toast

Meal 6: 120g chicken fillet or hake, 150g sweet potato, 100g mixed veg, whey shake

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What supplements are your taking?

Evox Synergy, Nurtitech Whey, Biogen CLA 3000

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What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Cycling and skipping

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Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Turn Down for what – lil john ft Dj Snake, Faded – Zhu, Get Crunk – BrokenCyde, Sail – Awolnation, Passout – Tinie Tempah, Break stuff – Limpbizkit, BulletTrain- Stephen Swartz, here Comes the Boom – P.O.D sooooo many more

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Do you have a favorite quote?

Shut up and lift, If you ever think of giving up, remember why you started, Strive for progress, not perfection.

Your future fitness goals?

Hoping to one day compete with the pros, also to be recognized for inspiring others to achieve their fitness/transformation goals

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

The first step is the hardest, once youve made the decision to go for it, don’t give up because the rewards are certainly worth the sacrifices. I know i’ve had difficulty at some points, askingmyself why i go through what i do, but with the constant drive from my best friend, and the appreciation from those I inspire, I get back up and push even harder.

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JP’s Update 2015:

March 29 2015

“What a day… 11 weeks of prep for a long day well worth the wait. A life goal of mine finally achieved, so much that I shed a few tears during prejudging thanks for all the awesome support, the messages and the calls. Means the world to me. Was first out on stage, and managed to place fifth out of a seriously strong lineup. I take my hat off to those who compete and kick ass at it. It’s hard work!!! What a day! Well done to everyone who took the stage and gave it their all!”




29 Aug 2015

“Hard bulk going down! I’m not a sad panda I’m a fatass panda haha Arnold 2016 men’s physique here we come! making natural athletes proud!”




Your Social Profile:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jp.hulley
Instagram: japesbrah
Twitter: japes02

4 thoughts on “JP Hulley 40 kg Loss MUSCULAR Transformation INTERVIEW

  • Worst kind of roid head are the ones that claim to not be on them lol your not inspiring anyone your giving false hope to a load of fat people that they can do that in 3 years lmao

  • Worst kind of hater is one who remains anonymous. I’m currently in my 5th year of my transformation, yup 5 natural years of gaining weight and losing it again. Takes me 7 months each way. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because it steroids right? Tell me something, have you tried investing your energy in anything else other than being a hater? I guarantee that if you spend more time on a diet you too would see results and wouldn’t be so angry at everyone else. You do know that what I’ve lost is merely a drop in the ocean compared to most people right? Go have a look at some of my inspirations out there. Guys and girls who have lost up to 80-90kg? So what’s your excuse? Oh yeah steroids lol… I challenge you to spend time with me while I train, eat, sleep and even go for blood tests, but please you have to promise you can’t be mad when mine shows clear and yours doesn’t. I, like many other transformations prefer to remain natural and have have absolutely no desire to use steroids, it doesn’t motivate me. I get pure satisfaction out of the hard work and dedication it takes and knowing I’m doing it for and by myself. Not the aid of some magic pill. It is a new year so I do wish the best for you and your negativity, hope you troll less websites and spend more time looking in the mirror. Thanks for the comment too, always love these responses.

  • Inspired, sir. My mind seems to have finally been made up (diet and and training) and progress is coming. Was just looking around at other transformations this morning for continued motivation and saw yours. Grats on your excellent results from blatant hard work. Really awesome to read and inspiring.

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