Female Transformation

3 Year Female Body Transformation

I always look up progress pictures to help motivate me… And I could not believe I myself would be able to make a collage w a substantial difference! This was in a span of 3 years. Summer ‘11 & Summer ‘14. I haven’t always stayed consistent with eating healthy and keeping motivated w my workout. I can never give up my favorite treats and often times, I use being “busy” or having no time as excuses to NOT workout.

But what really pushed me through is my patience with myself. I am very forgiving & I never feel guilty for indulging once in a while. So I may not be strongly consistent, and I may not be making the fastest and best progress, but I stay committed.


By learning to understand myself more, By looking up healthy recipes, workouts, & slowly expanding my knowledge on how the body works, I know I will be able to take care of myself in the years to come.

The greatest reward is not the physical appearance, but the overall sense of well-being: mind, body, & soul. 🙂

I’m not very comfortable in posting these pictures to the public, but I am doing this hoping to inspire & motivate at least one person! Never underestimate your power.


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