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Eating Whatever to Fit Forever Body Transformation

“Good thing i got my shit together before something bad happened!! i was eating whatever i wanted, whenever, wherever.. i ate chipotle almost every day after school (sour cream white rice steak cheese chips and guac AND SODA) and got home and slept, woke up, and ate again. it was a neverending cycle and i dont want to EVER be like that again. Why was i treating my body like a trashcan? i will never know. i hated the thought of exercise or even going downstairs to get water and during team sports, i slept on the basketball courts. I was the epitome of gluttony and laziness. Through this healthy lifestyle, your physical abilities and changes arent the only things you go through.. you grow so much mentally. you learn so much about yourself and how hard you can push yourself and how dedicated you can be to become better. Its not all about the physical attributes of lowering body fat % and getting fit, but its about the gallons of sweat and tears ive gone through to be where I am today. Everyday was a challenge of CHOOSING not to eat what I was so used to eating and finally feeding my body actual FOOD. Ive gained so much knowledge thus far not only about complex carbohydrates, glucose, and different muscle groups, but also about how important the mind is in every aspect of weightloss and fitness. You think you cant do it, and then you ignore the voices in your head and you realize that you are so much more capable of doing anything you ever imagined doing. This transformation has been life changing and thats an understatement.”

Jadore transformation

Jadore transformation

My page: http://jadorefitness.tumblr.com

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