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Joe 1 Year Weight Loss Transformation


Name: Joseph Ashley Marlow, but everyone calls me Joe
Start age: My starting age to my transformation journey was 30
Current age: I am 31 and will be turning 32 on the 29th of November
Start weight: My start weight was 278
End of transformation weight: I am currently 235 and still hard at work
Height: I am 5’9″
Total weight lost or weight gain: Total weight loss as of now is 43 lbs.

Why did you decided to transform?

I decided to start my transformation because I was tired of being unhappy with my self image. I was starting to avoid being anywhere that required me to remove my shirt – this was taking away from quality family time, especially since we have a love and passion for the water.

What keeps you motivated?

My family. I am married with two beautiful daughters, Olivia, 8, and Keala, 4. I will be married 10 years next June. Also, the feeling of being in the gym, kicking my tail, and completing a workout – leaving the gym sore, but feeling accomplished.

How often do you workout?

I hit the gym between 4-5 days a week. – What type of workout routine do you find the most effective? Easy, mine! But I am always asking others for tips; because there is always room to learn more.


Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Chest & Arms, 15 min cardio
Tuesday: Legs, 15 min cardio
Wednesday: Back & Shoulders, 15 min cardio
Thursday: Legs, 15 min cardio
Friday: Chest & Arms, 15 min cardio
Saturday: Make up day if day missed during week
Sunday: OFF

What’s your most favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise… Well, I don’t actually have a favorite – I love working out and really enjoy kicking my own butt in the gym. On another note, my favorite routine/gym day would be back and shoulders.

What does your diet consist of?

While I try to do my best, and make the healthier choices when I can, I know this area I am slacking on. I can be on the road, working for up to 12 hours or more driving – and what’s more convenient than the drive-thru? If I ate fairly “bad” (fast food), when I get home and can be in more control, I make a better decision to offset what I’ve already consumed. What I have done is cut back on my portions.

What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Jogging on the treadmill


Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Blood for Blood – when I do bring the head phones in…Normally my wife has stolen them.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Everyone says love hurts, but that’s not true. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone confuse these things with love, but in reality, LOVE is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again”….

My favorite gym quote “I do not workout to add days to my life, I workout to add life to my days”


Your future fitness goals?

I would love to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Don’t stop, overcome all negative thoughts, and excuses because once you see results, it becomes an addiction and since you’re already in pain, you’re already hurting (probably both physically and mentally), why not get a reward from it?

Social Profile:

email: [email protected]
Add me on bodyspace: beachbum98802
Website: Any that you choose to send it to would be appreciated
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joe.marlow.96

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