Female Transformation

Christina Cut Down And Toned Up Weight Loss Transformation


Name: Christina
Start age: 16
Start weight: 165 lbs
End of transformation weight: 123 lbs
Height: 5’6″
Total weight loss: 42 lbs

Why did you decide to transform?

I was gaining about ten pounds a year, so I took steps to lose weight. I lost about twenty pounds by the time I graduated high school. Into second year university I decided to get fitter, and lost the last twenty ish pounds and got my body fat percentage down as well.

What keeps you motivated?

The results help, I’m not gonna lie! But it also feels good when you work out and eat well. Plus I keep a tumblr to see pictures and other motivational stories.

How often do you work out?

At my fittest, I was working out six days a week. Now that I have a part time job it’s five days a week.

What type of workout routine do you find most effective?

I love to do cardio that alternates between a light jog and hard stairs run. I’ll do five minutes jog, five minutes stairs, alternating until I’ve done thirty minutes total. Then I do body weight exercise for as long as I feel like.


What’s your favourite exercise?

Calf raises! It’s so easy to feel the burn so I always know it’s working.

What supplements do you take?

I tried a pre workout a few times but I ended up extremely jittery for the entire day. So now I just take multivitamins, B6+12, and Vitamin C daily.

My favourite gym track:

Promises by Nero, or Chandelier by Sia. Or anything Disney.

My favourite quote:

Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Future fitness goals:

I worked seven days a week this summer and gained some weight back, so my goal is to get back under 20% body fat this year.

Advice, tips, tricks for aspiring transformers:

don’t give up! It’s hard to start and it’s hard to continue. But health and fitness is so important to long term life that it’s worth the effort. When you see your first results, you’ll be hooked forever.

How to contact me:

You can find my tumblr here fitnesschangeseverything.tumblr.com

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