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Inspiring Teen Fitness Model Adam Ratkovic Body Transformation INTERVIEW


Name: Adam Ratkovic
Career Highlights: 1st Place U19 Fitness Model NPBB, 3rd Place Fitness Model INBA Queensland
Current Team/Sponsor: EHP Labs and Zion Fitness Apparel
Start age: 16
Current age: 18
Start weight: 42kg
End of transformation weight: – 70kg 5% bodyfat
Height: – 178cm/ 5 Foot 10
Total weight lost or weight gain: 28kg Gain

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Why did you decided to transform?

I started training to increase my self-confidence and improve my general health. I got into fitness when my dad got me bench press for my 16th birthday. It was time for a lifestyle change. I was ridiculously thin, I’m talking the skinniest guy in my grade in school, people always commented on how skinny I was and I hated it. I was always known as the skinny kid.

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

What keeps you motivated?

I can safely say that my motivation to train goes far beyond that of merely impressing people, it is derived from the feeling of having set goals and achieving them and outdoing myself in the gym. Inspire the uninspired.

Adam Ratkovic-before afer

How often do you work out?

5-6 days a week.

Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Chest/Triceps/Abs
Tuesday: Back/Biceps/Traps
Wednesday: Legs/Calves/Abs
Thursday: Shoulder/Traps/Abs
Friday: Arms/Traps/Calves
Saturday: Lacking Bodypart
Sunday: – Rest

Adam Ratkovic-before afer

Can you tell us a little bit about the competition you took part in?

In September 2014 I competed in the Fitness Model division and placed 3rd in Queensland Australia, a week later I entered the U19 Fitness Model division at NPBB Cairns and placed first.

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Are you taking any supplements?

  • OxyWhey
  • Oxyshred
  • Beyond BCAA

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Neverhome podcasts

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Do you have a favorite quote?

‘I would rather do what I do and have fun than sit back hating on someone achieving something.’

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Your future fitness goals?

One of my biggest future fitness goals will be to inspire the uninspired. Inspire people to chase their dreams, even if it’s the complete opposite to mine. I aim to make people understand that if you tell yourself you can do something, you can do it. I will continue to make YouTube videos, grow my social media and expand out to as many individuals possible, this Is just the beginning.

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

It’s as much of a mind game as a physical one. You are battling against your body with every single rep, and in the end it’s your willpower and determination that are the ultimate deciders in whether or not you will achieve your goals, or fail and give up. Block all the negative people out your life! Because you can’t live a positive life with negative people that will hate on you and bring you down. Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, hate, drama, or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.

Adam Ratkovic-teen-transformation

Adam also offers paid personalized training and diet routines that are tailored towards your specific goals. Adam can be contacted at adamratkovic_ @ hotmail.com For all online training programs and apparel visit his website adamratkovic.com

Adam’s Social Profile

Website: www.adamratkovic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AdamRatkovic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/adamratkovic_
Twitter: www.twitter.com/adamratkovic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/addz2010

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