Our intentions of putting together this post was hoping to somehow motivate you with examples from real people, no hype or photoshopped weight loss photos to get your attention.The girls in this list definitely didn’t change in 6 months by sitting on their buns all day but had to work hard like everyone else or even harder. They are willing to share their journey and success to help give you the push you need.

All this would never be possible without COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY, the two that are often the hardest to maintain with all the temptations in this world. However, if you can get pass that, you will find that there’s no greater feeling like it. FOCUS on your goals, and you will reach it in no time!


1. Alyssa 6 month transformation

How you started?

“After having two children in less than two years, I am determined to get my body back. My husband, Justin, has inspired to get me into the gym after my first child and has motivated & supported me in working out and living a healthy lifestyle. After having my second child in December 2012, I am determined to get back on track and getting back in shape.”

Why you love it

“I love the feeling of being strong and confident, along with seeing actual results of my changing physique.”

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ALYSSA transformation


2. Mel’s “just do it” attitude was the key

How did you get rid of your stomach?
I want to make it extremely clear that I did not just do core work. Actually, I very rarely did core work. I do not believe that people can work on just one body part! It’s a process that works together. Just start doing it. You want to get rid of fat? Lift weights, Run, and eat right.”

Do you have loose skin?
“Somehow, I don’t have loose skin. But I do have a few stretch marks on my sides.”

What’s your secret?
“I don’t believe in secrets. To put it simply, eat right and work out. Just do it. Stop asking about it and do it. And then, I PROMISE you will we results. Nike didn’t say “just do it on January 1st” or “just do it mosay.” I believe the slogan is “just do it.”

How tall are you? 5’11

Starting weight? 232

Current weight? 158

How do you stay motivated?
“I don’t. But I do it anyway. Consistency is key. That’s HUGE.”

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3. Lauren transition for WBFF

“My personal weight loss transformation. This is about 6 months (give or take a few weeks) of extremely hard work. Please note the dates up top: I started with my sad before photo around this time last year, I worked really really hard to drop down from 137lbs to my stage weight of about 120lbs (2nd photo) for my first ever WBFF show. Thereafter I spent the rest of the year building my glutes, legs, back and every other part of my body.”

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lauren-drain transformation


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