Realistic 6 Month Body Transformation Female

Here’s a list of female that actually underwent 6 month body transformation of strict weight loss regime. Often times we would doubt ourselves before we even start, underestimating the true capability of our body. Scrolling through Instagram feed may provide you brief to motivation but that will end quick.

Weightlifting may be daunting for some women, but the health benefits are well worth it! From improved cardiovascular and muscle health to increased energy and stronger bones, weightlifting can help women of all ages stay fit and healthy. 

6 Month Body Transformation Pictures

The 6 month body transformation results in this list will vary. Your diet, sleep, and training will determine the end results in next 6 month period.

Shar’s 6 Month Body Transformation

“Whenever we have self doubts or inner battles within our minds, we must always 4remember J4where we’ve been, and how far we’ve come. § This is THE most motivating thing we can do for ourselves in order to keep growing, to keep changing, and to keep achieving the things we once thought impossible.”

IG: panda_sharbear

Hailey’s Transformation

6 month transformation

“6 months of workouts, 3-4x a week. Eating clean & healthy while indulging occasionally Let’s see what your body can do!”

IG: @haizemaddenfit

Triniti 6 Month Progress

“I wasn’t gonna share progress pictures until i reached my 6 month mark but BUMP THAT! I’m proud of what | accomplished in the first 12 weeks of my #6monthtransformation! Showing up for myself has been a beautiful thing & | look forward to what’s up next! | started January 1st so July 1st will mark 6 months!”

Ivana 6 month Transformation 


“started my journey 6 months ago on March 8, International Women’s Day. I decided that it was time I took control over my life again. I have lost 35 Ibs & have gone from a size 12 to now a size 4. My transformation has not only been physical but spiritual as well. Fitness is a way of life, don’t ever give up. The journey is long, trust the process, and always believe in yourself.”

IG: ivanaceciliaa

Pam’s transformation


” My 6 month journey. For years I felt defeated because the harder I trained and the more I dieted the bigger I got. Rock bottom was sitting in the office of a sports nutritionist and hearing her tell me that maybe I should just accept my body as it is- that my body wants to be this big. I almost gave up but decided to make one last effort. And that’s when I found Demetrius at the Body Shaping Company. And everything changed. I stopped dieting and started to eat more then I have ever eaten. Eat cleaner. More frequently. The cravings stopped. The momentum built. And my world changed. I wouldn’t be here without the love and support of my husband Drew and my friends and family that cheered me on. So grateful and blessed. And now scared but excited I am looking forward to my next big goal and adventure….training for my first fitness competition. I hope this inspires my fellow warriors to keep it up.”

Instagram: @lawmotherco

Fotini body transformation

“my 6 month progress. i have lost the most from my hips and waist as they were my problem area. So currently I’m sitting at bust 110cm, waist 96cm and hips 111cm”

Emily Transformation 

“After being afraid of upping the food intake for years and during the first few months on training, I eventually decided to change my regime and now feel a lot more confident in my body and myself! Still overwhelmed that you can change your body so much by doing several small things, I’ve grown physically and mentally and seen an improvement in my posture as training upper body has helped me carry myself better which in turn increased my confidences Andddd now I’m called piggy at home”

Alyssa 6 month body transformation

6 Month Body Transformation

How you started?

“After having two children in less than two years, I am determined to get my body back. My husband, Justin, has inspired to get me into the gym after my first child and has motivated & supported me in working out and living a healthy lifestyle. After having my second child in December 2012, I am determined to get back on track and getting back in shape.”

Why you love it

“I love the feeling of being strong and confident, along with seeing actual results of my changing physique.”

Mel’s “just do it” attitude was the key


How did you get rid of your stomach?
I want to make it extremely clear that I did not just do core work. Actually, I very rarely did core work. I do not believe that people can work on just one body part! It’s a process that works together. Just start doing it. You want to get rid of fat? Lift weights, Run, and eat right.”

Do you have loose skin?
“Somehow, I don’t have loose skin. But I do have a few stretch marks on my sides.”

What’s your secret?
“I don’t believe in secrets. To put it simply, eat right and work out. Just do it. Stop asking about it and do it. And then, I PROMISE you will we results. Nike didn’t say “just do it on January 1st” or “just do it mosay.” I believe the slogan is “just do it.”

How tall are you? 5’11

Starting weight? 232

Current weight? 158

How do you stay motivated?
“I don’t. But I do it anyway. Consistency is key. That’s HUGE.”

Instagram: @melsfitspo

Lauren transition for WBFF

lauren-drain transformation


“My personal weight loss transformation. This is about 6 months (give or take a few weeks) of extremely hard work. Please note the dates up top: I started with my sad before photo around this time last year, I worked really really hard to drop down from 137lbs to my stage weight of about 120lbs (2nd photo) for my first ever WBFF show. Thereafter I spent the rest of the year building my glutes, legs, back and every other part of my body.”

Visit Lauren’s page:

Megan beat all the odds

6 Month Body Transformation

Very inspiring transformation story by Megan from – she overcome her illness and now is taking her fitness training to the stage.

Petra’s running and squat 6 month body transformation

6 Month Body Transformation

“I just wanna show you my butt progress. It takes 7 months. It’s only about squats, running and I just love piloxing and I am sure that it really help my butt as well, finally starting love my butt haha.”

Weight: 207lbs vs. 145lbs vs. 138lbs.
Height: 5’6

Visit Petra’s page:

Christy 6 month body transformation, RN, personal trainer


“My 6 month transformation last year. This year my baseline is much closet to where I was at in June so I am pumped to put in work and see where it can get me this year. Also, it’s huge to note that I am sooooo happy and so much less stressed than I was January of last year. Those cortisol effects succccck and to top it off I was recovering from some metAbolic damage. This year, thanks to balance and advocare, I am at a great starting point! No real goals of competing this year but definite goals of having abs and a booty for all my Caribbean trips and destination wedding this year!!”

Christy IG: @fitgirlonthego

Megan Mackes 6 Month Body Transformation

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“this is what a 6 month of consistency & good nutrition can do. Don’t let excuses dictate your life”

Instagram: @MeganMackes


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““In order to love yourself, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” 

Instagram: @motivatingmiranda


6 month body transformation

“It’s ain’t easy, but you want it or you don’t. I tell myself this about 50 times a day.

But every day, I feel like I am getting deeper into my groove. Every day, I feel like I recognize myself a little more. No one is immune to falling into old habits, I promise you that. I’ve learned a lot about myself the last few months, some of them hard lessons. And my biggest takeaway has been that we just always have to be ready to make adjustments to remain successful”

Instagram: @keto_bear_

DANIELLA – A lot can happen in 6 months

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“A lot can happen in 6 months …⁣ Remember those New Year’s Resolutions? Yes, 2020 is a TOUGH one but tough times don’t last tough people do. You can use your circumstances as a crutch for growth or a crutch to weigh you down. ⁣⁣

Side note: I had to double take to make sure the first photo was taken in January. ALWAYS take progress photos! Progress photos are the receipts you need for when your doubts come knocking.”


Amanda Garman (July – Dec)

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“I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again”

Instagram: Mini.tribe.of4

Stormie Post Prenancy Before and After Pics

6 Month Body Transformation

“6 months in Vs. 6 months out. Too many girls grow up trying to be skinny instead of healthy. I refuse to let my daughter be influenced by such a culture”

Instagram: @stormiemo

Stacey 6 Months Progress

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Realistic-6-Month-Body-Transformation-Female-141.png

“6 months progress video. I’ve been really reluctant to upload this! There’s just something a little more raw about a video in comparison to a photo! But I’m here to be real and I’m also super proud of myself so here we are!

Left is the start of my CB journey (start of October 28 day challenge) and the right is the end of the March 28 day challenge!

I think the video speaks for itself. I’ve not only lost fat but I’ve toned up so much and I eat more than I ever thought I could! My mindset towards food is so much healthier and I feel amazing!!”


Rachael MONTH TRANSFORMATION (April 2018 – October 2018)

“Photos on the left are from earlier in the year right when I started my cut and the photos on the right are from this morning (6 months later).

I have a few reasons for this post…

Stop letting the scale define you. It’s only a number and at the end of the day if you aren’t happy with how you’re body looks does that number even matter?? You’re body can look totally different even @ the exact same body weight as shown. ⠀

You can CHANGE your body composition like I have.
You can have a tighter stomach.
You can have tone arms.
You can grow your glutes.
You can build your physique however you want.

132 lbs looks different on every body.
132 lbs can look different ON THE SAME BODY but in a different season.
HEALTH looks different on every body.
FITNESS is different for every body.⠀

Assali Torres Life changing fitness journey

“It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to become better”. I decided to take my first fitness journey picture April 7 earlier this year and today marks six months. It is such an amazing feeling to see all my hard work and dedication start becoming a reality! At 48 years old, I am becoming the best version of myself and through exercise I am improving in all other areas: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual! One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was walking through those doors”

Follow her on Instagram: @assalitorres

Cary Hedley – 6 month before and after pic

“Something so simple yet not at all easy. Believing in the process and trusting that my efforts will pay off was hard. Honestly it still is.
How many times have you gone to do something and given up half way because you haven’t seen the results you wanted yet?
That was me for years. I’d try for a bit and then give up. Telling myself I was just ‘made this way’ being healthy and fit wasn’t ‘for me’. Well it’s not true!! If you feel like this is you. That you never get there, that you’ll always be just as you are, I want to show you that if I can do it, so can you ????
Finally I have some self belief, and that’s what I want you to have too. Self doubt is normal and everyone gets it, doing your best IS enough. You just have to put mind over matter.”

Instagram: creating_carys


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