6 Ways To Shed Pounds Quickly and Safely

The human body was designed to store fat every chance it gets as a way of protecting it against hunger at a time when humans did not have reliable sources of food (as what happened before agriculture was invented). To prevent it from hoarding fat, the body needs to be tricked into feeling neither hungry nor full, a mechanism one can easily achieved today with the variety of food choices within easy reach.

The key to how to slim down quickly and safely is to achieve a certain balance between caloric consumption, utilization, and the internal chemical balance that stabilizes the body’s blood sugar levels, as it is quite dangerous to sustain a caloric deficit just to shed pounds.

Aim for, at most, no more than a two-pound loss per week because any more than that could alter your metabolism and upset vital autonomic processes. For a healthier weight loss regimen here are some other things you can get started on.

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1. Perform your cardio first thing in the morning

Before you refill your “food tank”, make sure to burn “old fuel” by performing cardio exercises like walking, jogging, jumping jacks, running, or anything that speech up your heart rate. Cardio exercises improve metabolism (how you burn calories). They also increase your uptake a beta endorphins – a natural kind of morphine that suppresses the appetite.

2. Cut your calorie intake

To slim down quickly, the next best move is to cut down calorie intake to just the right amount that your body needs. Avoid foods that are high in calories and nothing else, such as salad dressings, fried foods, foods containing animal fats, and processed meats. You may need to consult with your doctor as to how many calories to shave off your daily diet, but if you’re healthy, with no underlying medical conditions, you can reduce your food consumption by 300 – 500 calories a day.

3. Keep your exercises varied

To keep from getting bored (and dropping out of your weight loss regimen) and, more importantly, to slow down the plateau that everyone hits when certain routines are overdone (which translates to zero weight lost despite vigorous activity), switch to a new routine every 8 -12 weeks. Ideally you should choose routines that target different muscle groups every time so you achieve a more uniformed toned physique.

4. Keep moving throughout the day

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Simply because you exercise first thing in the morning does not mean not move for the rest of the day. Maximize calorie burn by spreading physical activity throughout the day – perhaps a quick stretch at noon and a 10-minute chore (doing the dishes or laundry) at night. In between, take the stairs instead of the elevator and get out of your chair every hour or so.

5. Eat small portions of food in regular intervals

Instead of sitting down to three huge meals a day taken at hours when you are already hungry, try to fit into your lifestyle four or five smaller meals every three hours. The goal is to keep your blood sugar even throughout the day to prevent snacking in between (which could altogether sabotage your extensive cardio workouts). Incorporated into your daily routine, smaller meals at regular intervals trick your body into thinking that there is no danger of famine and, therefore, no need to hoard fat.

6. Get enough sleep

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If you are on a weight loss program, a lack of sleep creates hormonal changes that result in gaining weight instead of shedding. This is because your body has to cope with insufficient hormones that are only produced during sleep by making you crave sugary, fatty foods. Losing weight needs to be done in a healthy manner that does not compromise your basic bodily processes.

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Learning how to slim down quickly and safely means knowing how your body operates and introducing changes that will not adversely affect that are operation. After all you want to keep off the weight you lose for a long time because obesity presents a host of more serious problems down the road.

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