The Diet of Champions Infographic

The Diet of Champions Infographic: Did you know some athletes are eating over 100% more than their recommended calorie intake, and over 200% more of protein? Neither did I until we did the research.

In order for athletes to perform at the top of their game, they must train appropriately. With that, they must also consume a large amount of food which will help fuel their rigorous training regimes.

It is well documented that diet plays a substantial part of any athlete’s life, but just what exactly do they eat?

Recommended daily amounts appear on the packets of every food item we purchase from a supermarket, and it is advised we roughly stick to these guidelines to maintain a healthy body and weight.


But for people in training, these guidelines tend to be shattered as their exercise routines are not that of a typical human being and they need more nutrition.

For our latest infographic, we took a closer look at 7 well known and championship winning male athletes and compared their daily intake to the recommended daily amounts that we all know of.

The results are astonishing to say the least, with some of them eating over 100% more of their recommended daily intake of calories.

Granted, these were special cases as circumstances changed the way in which Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte normally ate. The media had a frenzy when it was revealed that Ryan Lochte and Usain Bolt, especially, ate McDonalds during their time at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

It was reported that while living at the Olympic park, their taste buds didn’t take too kindly to the local food of Beijing. Instead they lived on a diet of McDonalds, but that did not stop Ryan Lochte winning 4 Olympic medals for the USA, and Usain Bolt winning 3 Olympic medals for Jamaica, becoming the then fastest Olympian over 100m in the process.

However it is extremely not recommended to indulge in McDonalds or any fast food regularly if you wish to stay healthy.



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