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6 Arm Exercises To EXPLODE Your Triceps Heads

A lot of people don’t realize there are three heads of the triceps. You got the long-head, lateral head, and the medial head. In fact, most people don’t even train all of them. And you’ll be surprise how many people are struggling with making the triceps grow bigger.

Strongman Elliot Hulse demonstrates a circuit workout from Charles Poliquin (one of the World’s most successful strength coaches) that targets all tricep heads .

Scientists have hypothesized that muscle hypertrophy is not purely function of rep ranges but the actual duration of the set. One recent study from McMaster University in Canada published in the Journal of Physiology seemed to confirm that, concluding that prolonged muscle contraction was the most important variable for increasing muscle size.

The study compared light loads using a tempo of one second up and one second down or using slow reps of six seconds up and six seconds down. The study found the slow reps were superior because of the amount of time that working muscles were under tension.


Workout tips: Focus on your positive reps and negative reps according to the program for maximum results.

User moderate weight. There will be a lot of time under tension, its a sure-fire way for getting any stubborn muscles to grow.

Note: Temple is the time length between each part of the movement. Go up for 2 seconds, go down for 2 seconds, hold at top position for 1 second, is reference 221, as you will see this utilize throughout the workout.

Get a better understanding of the workout by watching Elliot Hulse demonstrate the exercise:

Circuit 1:

Triceps Extension Presses Staggered Grip Extended Set (Triceps Trasher)
Do the following steps:

1. Lying Barbbell Triceps to top of forehead 6-8 reps on a 221 temple
2. Rest 10 seconds

3. Lying Barbbell Triceps to chin 6-8 reps on a 301 tempo (A.M.R.A.P)
4. Rest 10 seconds

5. Close-Grip Bench Press (A.M.R.A.P) on a 221 tempo.
6. Rest 2 minute
7. Repeat the three exercise – you probably will have to drop the weight on them about 5 lbs

Close-Grip Bench Press

Circuit 2:

Triceps Pressdowns Staggered-Grip Extended Set

1. Triceps Pressdowns, close-grip 8-10 reps on a 401 tempo
2. Rest 10 seconds

Triceps Pressdowns
3. Triceps Pressdowns, Medium-Grip 301 tempo (A.M.R.A.P)
4. Rest 10 seconds

Triceps Pressdowns-medium-grp
5. Reverse Grip Triceps Pressdowns (A.M.R.A.P) on a 201 tempo
6. Rest 2 minutes
7. Repeat the three exercise, drop the weight about 10-20 lbs to get the reps in.

Triceps Pressdowns-reverse

What do you think of this program? Have you tried it or have any suggestion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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