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Inspiration Teen 4 Year Body Transformation From 16 to 20

“if you want to get bigger, eat food and lift heavy. If you want to cut down, track macros and still lift heavy.” -Louis Keightley-Smith

Name: Louis Keightley-Smith
Start age: 17
Current age: 21
Start weight: 150lbs, skinny fat teenager
End of transformation weight: 173lbs, but currently 191lbs on my lean bulk phase
Height: 6ft 1″
Total weight lost or weight gain: It varied, A LOT. I went from 150lbs to 205lbs in 2 years, back down to 172lbs (September 2013), back up to 188.8lbs i n April 2014, then back down again to 173lbs in July/August 2014. Currently I am 191lbs, thicker, leaner, stronger than ever. So I cannot give a spot on amount!

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Why did you decided to transform?

I was conscious about my body and how it looked with my top off. I wasn’t the most confident kid growing up, so this was a way to build my own self confidence. Soon as I began working out, reading, watching, learning, it gave me great inspiration and motivation to keep it going. Then you just get hooked. The results you achieve when you look in the mirror make you want more, more and more! I love it.

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What keeps you motivated?

A variety of things. Currently, it is self progression, getting stronger, leaner, bigger. But also, helping others. People look for me for advice, inspiration and I just love helping others achieve their own goals and self improvement like I made myself. I currently coach people, in regards to nutrition, and the results I see them making, make me motivated. The people keep me motivated!

How often do you workout?

I am currently on my own programme that is 5 days a week.

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Please share your workout routine:

The programme I am currently on is a modified version of the GZCL method; a strength/powerlifting routine. It looks something like this, but the reps/sets change from week to week:
Monday – High intensity squats. Heavy squats, front squats for accessory movement, leg extensions, standing calve raises, followed by adductor movements and abs.
Tuesday – Low intensity bench. Pause bench press, close grip bench press for accessory movement, overhead press, chin/pull-ups, finished off with a tricep exercise, like extensions or skullcrushers and face pulls.
Wednesday – High intensity deadlifts. Deadlifts, deficit deadlifts for accessory movements, cable or bent over rows (depending how much the deadlifting took it out of me), shrugs and a bicep movement. Finished off with abs.
Thursday – Rest day.
Friday – Low intensity squats. Pause squats, volume/speed squats for the accessory movement, barbell hip thrusts then single leg hamstring curls. Finished with abductor movements and abs.
Saturday – High intensity bench. Heavy bench press, spoto press or close grip bench press as the accessory movement. Then I do chest supported dumbbell rows and reverse grip pulldown to get back volume in. Finished off with a bicep movement, usually hammer curls, face pulls and abs.

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What is your diet like?

I don’t have a specific diet, or a “meal plan”. I believe, and preach, flexible dieting. It changed my life. The proof is in the pudding with me, in my YouTube video, on my Facebook and Instagram, the best results I ever got were with flexible dieting (IIFYM/If It fits your macros) and tracking macro’s on a daily basis. Typically, on average I will eat 4-6 times a day depending on my schedule for that day and when it allows me to eat. This being said, the foods I then eat vary everyday. I have staple foods that I eat everyday such as oatmeal, cereal, apples/banana’s, chicken, rice, vegetables, burritos, toast, eggs, sweets (candy), biscuits, protein supplements to get more protein in. I do not believe in cookie cutter diet plans because they need to be tailored to a person, everyone is different! What I eat will make people fat, others may lose weight, because the overall macros and calories are different; they are tailored to my own needs.

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Are you taking any supplements?

Yes – protein powder (although I consider it a food), fish oils, vitamin d3 and glucosamine sulphate tablets.

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Messiah – Monsta
Atom – Nari & Milani
Dragula – Rob Zombie
Monster – Skillet
0 to 100 – Drake

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Do you have a favorite quote?

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. -Bernard M. Baruch

Your future fitness goals?

Currently I am solely focused on getting stronger. I have taken a back seat in pursuing social media to gain popularity and self awareness to focus on my own lifting goals and my education. However, I would love to get back in the social media aspect of fitness and build a following for myself.

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Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Eat and lift, simple as that. If you want to get bigger, eat food and lift heavy. If you want to cut down, track macros and still lift heavy. This is what I have found works best for myself and the my friends/clients.

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Social Network Profile:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LKSmithFitness
Instagram: @louisksmith
Twitter: @louisksmith or @lksmithfitness
Youtube: www.youtube.com/LKSmithFitness

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