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5 Motivational Instagram Female Fitness Models Before After Transformation Pics

Scrolling through Instagram feed and seeing pictures of fitness models transformation pics and their healthy eating habits can really help guide you. Most fitness models are no different, they’ve been through the same struggles as you have and have accomplished what they were set of to do.      

Getting fit can be difficult. You have to push yourself through the struggles while your body is screaming in pain.

When things start get difficult, that’s when most people take the easy route and just quit. There’s no shortcut around it, that’s when fіndіng motivation to lose wеіght comes in. It will get easy as you make it a part of your lifestyle, and enjoy the reward that comes with it.

Motivational Female Models Fitness Coach Before After

Dajeong Fitness Model/ Bodybuilder

female fitness model

Dajeong, a fitness model and inspiring professional Korean bodybuilder. She started her fitness journey over a decade ago, sculpting her physique into a powerhouse of strength and grace. Her dedication to the sport with numerous competition wins. This includes the Ms. Korea Bodybuilding Champion in 2018 and 2020.

Dajeong’s journey not only showcases her relentless work ethic but also her ability to break barriers and redefine stereotypes in the world of bodybuilding.

IG: @Dajeong_ifbbpro

Kelsey Wells

instagram-fitness-model-KELSEY WELLS-transfrmation.

“Why is it so hard to see ourselves right? Why can we so effortlessly and genuinely believe in our loved ones, yet struggle to believe in ourselves? See the best in others, yet tend to see the worst in ourselves? At what point in our lives did self-depreciation start coming more naturally than self-love?? Hopefully it doesn’t for you. But I have yet to meet ANY women who does not at times struggle with their self confidence, self-belief, or self-worth. We as women are TOO HARD ON OURSELVES. It is time to make a change. It is time to start being our own biggest fans and our own cheerleaders. It is time to be your body’s best friend. For some of you, this may seem a daunting task — I know it was for me three years ago. BUT SELF-LOVE SETS THE TONE FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! So this is a mental shift worth fighting for. You can do this”

Instagram: @kelseywells


LITA LEWIS-fitness-coach-transfrmation

“It’s weird to see myself this thin ????
One positive of being that lean was my pull up game was tough, 22 strict non stop pull ups was my personal best. But, the positive of being on the thicker side, was 325lb squats for reps …ah, those were the days ????”

“There are ???????????????? to all shapes and sizes of ourselves, today however, I feel more confident in a thicker frame. A little jiggle didn’t hurt nobody and it keeps a smile on my husbands face

Instagram:  @followthelita


Noel Arevalo

Noel Arevalo-fitness-coach-transfrmation

“No matter what storm life throws at us I’ve realized when you show up and look good regardless of what your circumstances are, it builds a stronger YOU, You are so much stronger then you think

Remember to dance through the storm and don’t forget to look good while you do because I promise it will pass”

Instagram: @noelarevalo_

Ms Katie Corio

Katie Corio1

“Bodybuilding is an art. Like any art, it takes time to improve. Time, dedication, trial and error. The more you train, the more you learn about your body. It is so much more than just eating right and working out, like many people believe. I have tremendous respect for people who have incredibly sculpted physiques. Because I realize just how much goes into making their bodies look so beautiful. That’s why I am so in love with this sport.”

Live Fit Apparel Athlete
Instagram: @cutekatiebug
Facebook: Katie Corio

Anda Jung

female fitness model

Anda has spent over a decade sculpting her physique into a work of art. Her relentless commitment to the sport has culminated in a series of impressive career highlights, including multiple championship titles and competition wins. Her powerful presence on social media not only showcases her incredible strength and aesthetics but also serves as an inspiration for countless individuals aspiring to reach their fitness goals.

IG: @Royalgym_luna

Helga Stibi – IFBB Bikini Athlete

Helga female muscle transformation

“3 years ago i decided to make a life changing move, ever since i realized that being healthy is the way i`m willing to continue my life. Exercise daily, eating healthy become my habit. When you`re out there partying, popping bottles you “feel great” of course. After that when the party is over you`re eating some junk food to avoid the horrible hangover and you end up feeling depressed. You start to hate your body after a while and Mondays becomes your enemies. You need plenty of coffee to survive the week days! I personally love every single day of the week and looking forward to workout, create something new, and build rather then destroy! much love Helga”

Facebook: Helga Stibi – IFBB Bikini Athlete

Brittni Shae

Brittni Shae

WBFF PRO / ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports / Fitness Nutrition Specialist / “Team BShaeFit” by Brittni Shae

“Do you put effort into your health and wellbeing? When I was 26 my blood work revealed high cholesterol and my blood pressure was high. I committed myself to make a change in 2010 and will never go back.”

Facebook: Brittni Shae

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