To lose weight is one thing but to continually lose weight week in and week out is a different feeling.

Benjamin Wachenje is no stranger to losing weight, he used to be quite large. In the course of 18 months he was able to lose 56 pounds. Benjamin also discuss how to manage the psychological hurdles that’s keeping you from losing weight and how to deal with it, which are great tips for anyone to apply.

“This presentation is for people struggling with obesity. I have been as heavy as 18stone at 181cm. I began documenting my journey when I was already down to 16stone 7pounds. I now fluctuate between 13stone and 12Stone. I have gone from over 30% body fat to 15%. This video outlines some of the weightloss techniques I have developed through my 10 year battle with obesity.”

“It feels good to lose over 30kgs of flab. Its okay Im not deluded, I know that I will never be a fitness model and I should really cover up my 41year old body, I usually do, but while I may look out of shape to most athletes I know that my fellow fatfighters may take strength and inspiration from my progress.” -Benjamin



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