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Instagram Fitness Girls Photo Trick

No one can possibly look good all the time. That includes some of the Instagram fitness girls (if that makes you feel any better). Yeah that’s right, what you see on-camera isn’t always the same as off-camera. You’ll be surprise by the angle and posing techniques used to get the best possible shot.

According to top Fitness trainer Anna Victoria, what the lens depict can certainly be different from reality. As the following round up will show just what we’re talking about.

In the following photo, one would assume that these photos have been taken at a different period. As the first photo she is standing and her abs are looking tight and toned. Compare to the second photo in a seated position shows a small fold on her belly. Surprisingly these photos were only taken 2 minutes a part!

fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (11)

Anna Victoria photos is a proof that imperfections is okay as long as you are healthy and feel good about yourself.fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (13)
Many fitness models can agree with that!

fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (14)
fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (9)

Don’t let appearance determine the value of a person. We are all unique and attractive in our own ways.

fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (10)

fitnessGirlsOfInstagram (12)

Cr: @annavictoria 

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