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Men Weight Loss Transformation 2021 That Will Make You Try Harder

If you’re like any of the men in these incredible weight loss transformation stories, you’ve felt the temptation to throw in the towel while you’re breathing so hard you felt like you’re about to die. Guess what? You’re just one of the millions who felt that way. It also means that you surpass that to see the great health benefits from the relentless fitness journey.

These men lost weight, gained strength and muscle mass along the way. Take them in as needed to stay focused, inspired, and consistent in your fitness journey.

Put all things aside, part of their success was being realistic about what was achievable in the long run and what works best with their lifestyle.

We hope the following dramatic transformations will help you get inspired to start your own weight loss journey.

Often times we would doubt ourselves before we even start, underestimating the true capability of our body.

         Julian Molteno

Men Weight Loss Transformation

“I’ve never been a fan of comparison photos as they can be manipulated to serve whatever purpose you desire. The light and the way my shorts sit in the first pic did not do me any favours, just as everything fell into place, and to my advantage, on the second. However, I was surprised at just how much harder my waist is looking now, compared to a year ago. Definite progress with regard to fat-loss and muscle-building. Onwards and upwards!!”

Instagram: @julianmolteno

Chris Anderso – 30 Pounds Lost

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Chris Anderson grew up eating junk food amongst his favorite was pizza and Chinese takeout. By the age of 31, Chris weighted an astounding 224 pounds.

“It became a vicious cycle, which was bordering on becoming an eating disorder,” he says. He stopped training again, and went back to his old diet.

“I’ve had waiters in restaurants come up to me and ask how I got in the shape I am in,” he says, and that’s given him new confidence. He’s eager to see how far he can push himself now that he’s back in control: “My goal now is to continue with the plan and try to pack on as much muscle as I can.” he said.

Anderson lost more than 30 pounds in 16 weeks. Thanks to the UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training, by Nick Mitchell, founder of Ultimate Performance, and has regained great amount of confidence.

Yves Tigh – bodybuilder

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Yves Tigh, a 55 year old IT consultant never paid attention to his eating habits. Even though he cooked but alcohol was often involve. This eventually lead him up to 240 pounds. Feeling very unhealthy Tigh knew he had to change his ways.

He gives credit to his gym with keeping him feeling young. “I certainly don’t feel 55,” he says. “Somewhere in my twenties with a lot of experience.”

“To go on stage and be an actual bodybuilder was something I dreamt of,” he says, “but never imagined possible in reality.”

Tighe says age is no excuse not to be healthy. And he gives plenty of credit to his personal trainer who helped him turn things around. Anyone who wants to follow his path should find a trainer who understands their goals.



In 2005, U.S. Army Sergeant Noah Galloway was in his second deployment in Iraq when he almost lost his life from an IED attack. That incident caused him to lose his left arm and left leg. That didn’t discourage him from the whole he had already set, the will to stay in shape. “I had a gut on me,” he says.

Until one day in 2010, Galloway joined a gym early in the morning because he was embarrass that someone would stare at a paralyzed man working out. Galloway has also finished the Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, and shared his unique workouts with his social media followers.

“Little surprises kept me going,” Galloway says. “A little better this day, a little stronger the next. Suddenly it was six months. I was like, ‘Man, this is pretty good.’”

Galloway’s inspiring transformation got him to appear on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He’s also on the current FOX TV series American Grit.

BEN WHALENmen-body-transformation-ben

Ben Whalen had just finished up physical checkup in 2015 when his doctor told him something that would change his life.

Doctors suggested him bariatric surgery as a option for his obesity at 390 pounds. Whalen knew right away that he wanted other options, “I had seen too many people do it and not have success,” he got a major wake up call and knew something needed to be done.

Whalen did the old school way and contacted a personal trainer and mixed weights and workout 7 days a week.

“It just about killed me,” Whalen says of his initial routine. “I actually fell down the stairs because my legs were so shot from all the work—but every time I did it again I would feel better. And after 2 weeks, I loved the burn.”

By January 2016, Whalen dropped 185 pounds, to 205.

“I have pushed my body harder than I ever thought imaginable,” Whalen says of his amazing weight loss. “And it wants more!”


In 2014 Kenneth Frierson was 28 years old and weighted 335 pounds. A strong will that wanted to get back in shape like he once was back in High School, he reached out to a workout partner/ friend to keep him on track and consistent.

“It was very difficult to wake up and get out of my comfortable bed and work out at 4:30 a.m.,” Frierson says. “There were multiple times I would try backing out, but his response was, ‘Man, get your butt up—I’m already on the way!’”

Frierson would often show up to gym twice a day. He started from short treadmill walks to full sprints. “I continued to push myself each time until I went further and further,” he says.

Frierson’s 100 pound fat loss didn’t just changed the way he look. It also made a drastic difference on his mentality.

“It’s been able to boost me to an entirely new level,” Frierson says. “I now walk around with my head held high and proud of what I’ve accomplished on my own.”

Frierson is a contestant in the 2016 Ultimate Men’s Health Guy search.



In May 2015, Collin Clarke weighed 201 pounds, with 37% body fat.

Collin has made an amazing transformation. He is much different than the guy that you would have seen a year ago when he was working the desk at Bob’s Jim north when he saw Glenn, a personal trainer and professional bodybuilder in the next room. When Glenn left the room, Collin entered. Collin imitated every move, and dreamed of one day being on stage like Glenn. See Collin’s full story here.

JONATHAN MONTGOMERYmen-body-transformation-john2

Jonathan Montgomery, a 38-year-old firefighter from Florida Fire Rescue, was an overweight workaholic. “I was strong, but slow and fat,” he said.

Today, Montgomery is stronger than ever at 201 pounds, he’s more muscular and faster than he’s ever been in his life.

What’s his secret? Montgomery invested in a personal coach Alex Viada who has coached over 400 athletes, from special forces soldiers to Ironman triathletes.

“I like to have people work on everything concurrently,” Viada explains. “That allows the average guy to improve across the board—in strength, power, and endurance—without interruption.”

Viada workout program for Montgomery was to perform long, slow pace cardio. His diet consist of 5 meals a day at 600 to 700 calories a meal.

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