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FAT to Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

The term aesthetic has been the topic of many bodybuilding discussions these past few years. Being “aesthetic” simply means being “believably muscular”. (the kind most girls find attractive)

Whether if you’re a ripped 150 pound guy with sculpt six pack abs or an obese guy who loss a lot of weight and now has an insane V-taper with a small waist, it don’t matter. They all have one thing in common, that’s consistency. All the motivation in the world will quickly fade away if you’re not consistent.

How would you feel if you have an active mind but your body with no longer operate for you?

Hopefully the guys in following videos will give you some motivation.

FAT to Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

Aidan aesthetic body transformation

aesthetic body transformation

“Cheers to 20 years on earth. Come a long way but still nowhere near close to where I want to be. (Left pic is 2016 @ 230lbs; right is today @ 190lbs currently cutting)”

IG: @aidanproffitt

Raden Fat to Fit Aesthetic transformation

aesthetic body transformation

“The want to get to my greatest physique ever. However, the many times I’ve tried, I never got there. Why? too much information overload.
All this information being thrown at us on #howtoloseweight and new #diethacks that seem to either have a temporary solution or no solution at all, didn’t help and because most of us and myself at that time… didn’t know any better.

But here’s the thing… it’s the act of trying and failing and or letting failure stop me from my end goal. My constant hunger to learn the science, my own bio feedback provided me the data to get better every time which got me to where I am today.

No it wasn’t easy (Still isn’t at times), but I trusted every attempt, until I found what worked for me and stuck with it.

SIMPLE: #progressiveoverload + #intermittentfasting + high protein focused + smaller calorie deficit + min 10k steps a day.

Seems simple doesn’t it? That’s because it is. However, it does take time… and without my willingness to commit my time, money, trust in mentorship, trust in accountability, effort, sweat, and sometimes tears (leg days mainly) to my overall goal I would’ve never reached this point.”

IG: @bruceleean

aesthetic-body-teen-muscle“At the beginning of my fitness journey, the goal was to be stronger than my other classmates. Then it was to be more attractive. Then to challenge myself, my limits, and find out how far I can push myself. That became the goal to look great, feel confident, and enjoy life.”

Instagram: @sebastianchrzczonowski

Gino Brouwers aesthetic transformation

Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

“This is my 3.5 year transformation. I started out in 2012, lost 55 lbs by the end of 2012 and from thereout started building some muscle. I love seeing how my body has changed and is still changing. I’m in love with working out, it’s my passion!”

Facebook: ginobrouwersfitness
Instagram: ginobb
Youtube: ginobrouwersfit

Gino’s training routine 

Heraldo Solis

Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

“I am 18 years young and I’ve been dedicated to achieving an aesthetic physique. Learned alot along the way. Built a stronger and better version of myself. ”

Instagram: Solis_herald

Johan Gustafsson

fat-to-aesthetic (8)

My Body Transformation, 2011-01-01 – 2014-06-05
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 115,3kg (before) – 80kg (after)
Waist: 108 cm (before) – 81,5 cm (after)

Instagram: johangustafsson91


Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

Man in the mirror – “Our starting point may not be the same but thats not an excuse!!!! Just means I may need to work a little harder and diet a little stricter… I took on this daily battle to be an example…. Do I ever want to give up? Yes!! Will I? HELL NO!!”

Facebook: EdwinVelezSuccess

Ilija Rajkovcevik

Aesthetic Teen Body Transformation Pics

“My diet was really bad and I didn’t work out at all. My heath wasn’t good and my weight wes around 118kg / 260lbs. I decided to make a change. I turned everything a round by eating healthier, working out and applied those two as a lifestyle. My first goal was to weight less than 100kg / 220lbs. The feeling was incredible when I finally made it and my confidence improved immediately! After that, I continue to setup new goals and hunt them down one after one.”

Facebook: ilija.rajkovcevik
Instagram: @ilijarajkovcevik



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