Deadlifts are considered one of the greatest compound exercises that you can do in the gym. This is an exercise that’s going to work your whole body, a true full body movement.

Doing deadlifts is going help increase your back strength which many women don’t have a lot of and don’t really understand the importance of back strength.

It’s one of those topics that some women do know a lot about. Some know but haven’t try them or too scared to try because they don’t quite understand how they can benefit from this exercise. So we’re going to car wash some of those myths here.

1. Get Rid of Stereotypes

First, you need to get rid of the stereotypes. Women are scared that any of these type exercises are going to make you bulky. Ladies you can not get bulky, you do not have enough muscle testosterone in your body to make you get massive amounts of muscle and you’re not going to look like a man.

Unlike common belief, deadlifts do not distort one’s femininity, but improves on their physique.

2. Stimulate Fat Loss

Deadlift are one of the most important exercises you can do for your body especially if you trying to lose weight or put on muscle. The deadlift works many muscle fibers at once stimulating maximum fat loss (assuming that you’re on a caloric deficit).

3. Improve Posture

Deadlift help to improve your posture. The reason is deadlift focus on stabilizing your core and they target your lower back muscles. This ends up help strengthening your spine and the spinal erector muscles. As those muscles get stronger, your posture is going to improve because your body has more capability upholding your spine straight.

Aside from that, deadlift will help reduce low back pain, you’ll get burn sensation from doing deadlifts but it’s going to help increase muscles in your lower back and in your core. Some people are afraid of doing such exercise fearing that it will increase back pain but it’s actually the opposite, if done correctly. An increase in strength of those muscles will help you decrease lower back pain and improve your posture as well.

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