Spending quality time together doesn’t always have to be at home, it can also be at the gym.

Working out with your boyfriend or girlfriend can actually be beneficial but you have to keep in mind when working out with your partner is that you’re here to workout, not to talk and fool around. You have to actually be strong and get to work.

You’ll be surprised that your girlfriend or wife could be the person encouraging you, instead of you encouraging her to get the job done. It’s even better if you have a girlfriend that already works out or a boyfriend that’s a regular gym goer. When you both have strong goals, you end up having an awesome workout.

If your working on a specific body part that you and your significant other aren’t necessarily at the same level, not talking about strength but skill level, then it might not work for each other.

For example, if your girlfriend is known not to have the strongest bench press and you’re pretty good at bench pressing. As to when doing squats, when you both know how to squat, and can squat heavy.

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