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Top 5 Dumbbell Core Exercises For Men

Looking for an alternative to the old-fashioned bodyweight abs exercises like crunches or sit ups? We have round up the Top 5 Dumbbell Core Exercises For Men from Youtube, performed by top men’s fitness icons and trainers. Quality of the workouts were determine by feedbacks, user views, and overall ratings.

Anybody that is even partly serious about getting a six pack can find the space to store a single dumbbell. No excuses should even come up in this one. Take your core training to the next level and sculpt a six-pack by adding one of these workouts to your ab routine!

Dumbbell core exercises allow you to add resistance to movements while unlocking a different array of angles and planes for better core activation.


The Workout

Aim to perform 3-4 rounds of this complete home ab workout and take each exercise to failure.

1. Weighted Levitation Crunch – In this ab exercise you want to hold onto a dumbbell either by interlacing your fingers on the handle or by holding it by it’s ends. Hold the dumbbell extended straight over your face and perform the crunch by pressing it straight up towards the ceiling. Do not let the dumbbell move forward during this ab exercise as the momentum will make it easier than you want it to be to see six pack results.

2. Weighted Diagonal V Sit – This home ab exercise has the benefit of training both your lower abs as well as your obliques. With the bottom up movement and the stretch acting on your obliques, you get the dual benefit of hitting both of these areas extra hard.

3. Dumbbell ab wheel rollouts – Who says you need an ab wheel to train your abs at home? In this exercise you are able to workout your abs without an ab wheel by letting your hands roll out with a dumbbell. Adjust your grip pressure as I show you in the video to nail this incredibly effective home ab movement.

4. Sprinter tuck ab wheel – Now it’s time to hit the lower abs with the dumbbell now placed beneath your foot instead of in your hands. Drive the foot resting on the dumbbell in towards your chest as you crunch with your abs. Be sure to maintain your stabilization of your abs to keep the bell from rolling away from your foot.

Dumbbell Core Exercises-Jeff2

2. 20 Min. Six-Pack Abs: Hybrid Dumbbells Workout by Millionaire Hoy

In this 20 minute hybrid body-weight/dumbbells abs workout, are some of Hoy’s favorite abs moves that he actually use on a daily basis for getting a rock hard 6 pack. It’s a total of 22 exercise. The intensity of the workout will sure have you burning tons of calories.

“Be sure to drink plenty of water and warm up before starting this abs workout. We got 21 moves, 45 seconds each, and we’re going through each move non-stop. This is real time, so we’re in this together. We’ll burn plenty of calories, bust a sweat, and really hit those abs.” -Millionaire Hoy

Workout Breakdown:

01 1 LEG V-UPS — 00:58
02 V-UPS — 01:43
03 HANGING V-UPS — 02:32
04 ARCH GRABS — 03:22
05 PULSE-UPS — 04:12
07 Xs & Os — 05:52
08 SIDE HIP DIPS (L) — 06:42
09 SIDE HIP DIPS (R) — 07:32
11 HEEL TAPPERS — 09:12
12 FULL PULSE-UPS — 10:02
13 FINGER KNIVES — 10:52
14 CRUNCH PUNCHES (W) — 11:42
15 GENIE PULSES — 12:32
16 SIDE V-UPS (L) — 13:22
17 SIDE V-UPS (R) — 14:12
18 TOE TAPS (W) — 15:02
19 BROOM HOPS — 15:52
20 CROSS PUNCHES (BW) — 16:42
22 STRETCH — 18:22

Dumbbell Core Exercises223. Best Home Ab Workout with Weights by BUFF DUDES

“If doing this routine in the gym, we usually try and complete it immediately after working out for about 15 minutes and then hit some cardio for 30-45 minutes afterwards.” -Brandon

The Workout:

1. Russian Twists – 3 Sets of 30 Total Reps (15 Each Side)
2. One Arm Otis Ups – 3 Sets of 30 Total Reps (15 Each Side)
3. Weighted Crunches – 3 Sets of 15 Reps
4. Weighted In-n-Outs – 3 Sets of 15 Reps
5. Dumbbell Windmills – 3 Sets, 20 Total Reps (10 Reps Each Side)

Dumbbell Core Exercises33


4. Killer 4 Min Ripped Abs Workout by Mike Chang

You should really be feeling your abs after this, AND the rest of your body as well! Although this is mainly an ab workout, by the time you finish this workout you will feel your core, legs, back, arms, chest, lungs, and shoulders being worked.

Do 5 rounds, each round consisting of one set of corkscrews and one of figure eights. You’ll be doing 5 sets of corkscrews and 5 sets of figure eights altogether, with no rest in between sets.

Keep the dumbbell in front of you as you do this exercise — try not to let it go in back of you. This leads to involving other muscle groups, and takes the “work” off your abs and core.

The Workout:

1. FEET TO SKY CORKSCREWS – 10 REPS EACH SIDE: Start squatting down, with the dumbbell over your right foot. Twisting from your core, throw the dumbbell over your left shoulder like your are tossing a bucket of water.

It’s CRITICAL for this exercise that you are using your abs to initiate the movement, and not just using the momentum from your legs to move the dumbbell. Otherwise, it’s just a crappy leg workout. Twist with your core though as much as you can, and you’ll be getting a killer ab workout.

2. FIGURE EIGHTS – 20 REPS: Hold the dumbbell in front of you, and move it in a figure 8 pattern. Again, this exercise will be VERY easy if you just do it with your arms, but be sure not to do that. Hold your arms straight, and move the dumbbell around by twisting your core.

Dumbbell Core Exercises44


Do the following circuit as shown ONE time. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15-second rest. Complete as many reps as possible during the 60-second intervals. Take rest when needed but keep them brief. (Make sure you are able to do these exercises without the dumbbells first before trying this advanced finisher workout)

The Workout:

1. DB Abs V-ups
2. DB Alternate Bicycle Punches
3. DB V-Up Press
4. One Arm DB Reach Under L
5. DB Alternating V-Up Punch Ups
6. One Arm DB Reach Under R

Dumbbell Core Exercises555

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