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How to do Burpees Faster With Bottom Burpee Workout

Sometimes most of the basic exercise that we all know of are often overlook. Men’s Health fitness director BJ Gaddour demonstrates another version of the burpees known as the “bottom burpees”.

It will have you performing the burpees faster than before and continuelously (if your already familiar with this exercise.)

Burpees burns everything, your muscles, your lungs, and like any high-intensity exercise, it will raise your metabolism for a continued fat burning effect after you’ve finished. If you’ve never tried it before, try doing ten full reps in a row and see how you breath.

The Movement:

The bottom burpee doesn’t require you to jump up at the end of the rep, the movement ends at the bottom of a squat position and back down to the bottom of a pushup again. Because your feet leave the floor before your hands touch it on the way down decreases your transition time and improves your joint positioning, according to Gaddour.

The Workout:

Either warm up with this bottom burpees or use if for the whole workout. Gaddour also like to mix in 3 to 5 second isometric holds in each position—the bottom of the pushup and the bottom of the squat—to increase your muscles’ time under tension and to bulletproof your joints.


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