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The Proper Way to Breath During Squat Exercise

Everyone knows how to do the famous squat but the question is, is everyone breathing correctly? Squatting is consider to be one best compound exercise that every bodybuilder, power lifter, and many other athlete must performs. It is also one of the most tiring exercise that can leave you flat on your butt if you don’t breath in properly. So this video going to demonstrate and explain how to do the squat without getting winded most of time. Thus, this important technique will also improve your overall performance which in turn will maximize your gains.

California Strength Head Strength Coach, Ernie Hernandez, explains how we teach our athletes and lifters to breathe during squats and big lifts. You want to take a deep breath using your diaphragm before the lift, which helps to increase intra-abdominal pressure and provide extra support to stabilize the spine and brace your core. This is in contrast to breathing with the abdominals which makes it impossible to breathe and stabilize the spine simultaneously. This will demonstrate why the back squat is one of the best, if not the best core exercises you can use in your program.

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