The Benefits of Mindfulness During Exercise

Many of us choose to enjoy working out to relieve stress and anxiety, and exercise is often regarded as a form of escape from the fast lane of everyday life. Ideally, it would be treated as a conscious escape – switching off from other aspects of our lives while being focused on the sensual experience of the workout.

Being able to achieve mindfulness while exercising makes the whole workout much more enjoyable. We feel a stronger connection with our bodies and, as we’re truly aware of our movements during the exercise, we can derive a greater sense of self-fulfillment in knowing that we genuinely invested maximum effort in the workout.

In addition to accentuating positive moods, exercise is also important for reducing negative factors like stress, something which can affect us physically as well as psychologically.

Adopting a can-do attitude to working out will be far more beneficial in relieving stress and achieving mindfulness than thinking of the exercise as an ordeal. A healthy mind is crucial in forging a healthy body.

Check out this infographic from My Fitness Boutique to see how you can maximize mindfulness during your workouts.


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