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Teen Natural Bodybuilding Transformation From 15 to 21 Years Old

“It is always very tough at the beginning when the progress is hardly visible, but if you keep working you will see the results of your effort soon” -Lukáš Obršál

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Name: Lukáš Obršál
Start age: 15
Current age: 21
Start weight: 54 –
End of transformation weight: 80,5 kg
Height: 186 cm
Total weight gain: 26,5 kg

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Why did you decided to transform?

I started working out because I was skinny boy without any self-confidence and everyone said to me that I looked like a skeleton, so I wanted to prove myself that even I can have muscles and athletic body.


What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by people who want to prove something to themselves. If I can see their effort to do this I try to help them and make them more motivated which also motivates me.


How often do you workout?

Currently 6 times a week.

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What is your diet like?

My diet is based on carbcycling at the moment. I get 300 grams of carbohydrates everyday at the beginning. After one month changed it to the cycle of 100, 200, 300 grams of carbs at the firstday, second day and third day respectively, This cycle took also one month. And this month I have a cycle of 50,50,100,100,200 grams of carbs at the first/ second/third/fourth/fifth day respectively.

I get carbs only from rice and oatflakes, I also eat high quality meal, eggwhite and protein supplement to get proteins. Altogether with this I use caffeine as a burner and synephire. Obviously I take enough of BCAA‘sfor maintaining muscles after cardio. This is my typical day when I get 50 gramsofcarbs:

4:00 caffeine before cardio + syneprine
5:00 after cardio-BCAA
5:30 protein 30 grams
7:30 Eggwhite 10pcs
9:00 Eggwhite 5pcs + vegetable
10:30 150 grams of chicken
12:00 150 grams of chicken 1
4:00 30 grams protein 1
7:00 after a workout BCAA 40 g protein 1
8:00 chicken 200 g
20:00 coffee and after cardio BCAA‘s+30 grams of protein + vegetable.

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Are you taking any supplements?

Yes, as I said I use caffeine, synephrine ,protein and BCAA

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Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

My favourite gym track is Radioactive by ImagineDragons

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Your future fitness goals?

I want to attend my first competition in category Men‘s physique, which is held on 2nd May and if I am in TOP 6, I will be quallified for the Czech Men‘s physique championship, which takes place on 10th May.

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Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

The most important is motivation and don’t be afraid to do first step forward to achieve your dream. It is always very tough at the beginning when the progress is hardly visible, but if you keep working you will see the results of your effort soon and then it will motivate you to work even harder, so Don’t give up!

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Lucas Social Media Network profile:

Facebook: Lukinobr-My way to competition
Youtube: lukinobr
Instagram: lukinobr

Tyron 4 Years Natural Bodybuilding Transformation


“I can truly say that bodybuilding and going to the gym has changed my life for the better both mentally and physiqally it wasn’t always easy but it gave me something to hold on to a hope for a successful future it also learned me the art of dissipline and that nothing is impossible,if u want something you have to work your ass of not just on the days that you feel like it but every single day im really super excited for what the future holds and for whats to come on my you tube channel if u havent seen it yet ( https://youtu.be/ W5F3TIgY8gE ) there you go and thanks alot for everyone that has helped me so far.”

Instagram: @tyronhealingofficial

Matt 4 Years Hard Work and Good Genetics Bodybuilding Transformation


“Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging….

Growing with details » P.S this is a natural evolution! It’s possible when you have Boos genetics!”

Instagram: @matthiscoleman

Teen 3 Years Body Transformation – From Fat Kid to Aesthetic

teen transformation fat skinny

Name: Dellen Garcia
Transformation period : 3 years
Goal weight: 170 pounds

“my name is Dylan Garcia, 22 years old from Palmdale California. Going through elementary in middle school I was never really bullied but there were some occasions where some kids wouldn’t make fun of me by my weight and I would just laugh it off and walk away but inside would actually get to me. My mom and dad were always there for me and knew that I was highly overweight. As a kid they would tell me all the time to stop eating so much or stop playing video games all the time and go outside. Towards the end of middle school I joined the football team I felt a little motivated and my father wanted me to play because he used to play high school and college football. I started to loosen baby fat in at 13 years old I was weighing 160 pounds.

After football season I had never played again and summer vacation was dedicated to the game. I saw on TV called World of Warcraft. I gained all that I had worked off in just a few weeks not leaving the house not talking our friends. I was becoming obese the thing is didn’t faze me my mom was worried that I would get diabetes she cried in the car after and said I needed to stop.”

that’s when serious changes had to be made..

INSTAGRAM: @dellen_garcia

Teen 1 Year Bodybuilding Transformation From Skinny to Muscular

teen transformation

Name: Rory Illidge
Start age: 16
Current age: 17

Instagram: @roryillidge

Youtube.com: roryillidge

That’s it!

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