Fat To FitMen's Transformation

Man Stunning 600lbs Weight Loss Transformation Inspired By Taylor Swift

2 years ago Ronnie Brower weighed more than 675 pounds. Doctors told Ronnie that he only had 10 years to live if he continue with his unhealthy lifestyle. Morbid obesity left him jobless and unable to leave his home. His life spun out of control.

Ronnie’s friend and former teacher Joe Bufano promised Ronnie that if he was able to lose 400 pounds, he would take Ronnie to see Taylor Swift live in concert.

Hard work, a dedicated teacher, and some inspiration from Taylor Swift, Ronnie has dropped a whopping to 250 pounds!

“He told me in his darkest days he would often listen to Taylor, and it was the messages in her music that kind of gave him some source of joy and happiness. It kept him buying into life,” Bufano told the Daily Dot.

Now that Ronnie has achieved his weight loss goal, Joe has other plans for Ronnie which is to meet the pop icon herself.

We hope he gets to meet her!

Taylor Swift fans have been using hashtag #ronnieweightloss



Unable to leave his home because of his weight Ronnie had to exercise with weights on chair.



Day 50 and and day 400 comparison



Being overweight was difficult for Ronnie to even walk and tie his shoes, now he’s doing walking lunges in the gym!



With hard work comes success, GREAT JOB Ronnie!



Inspiring story with a happy and healthy ending!



Make sure to check out Ronnie’s transformation video (1 million+ views)

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