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12 Week Body Transformation Male

Lost 78lbs and 29% Bodyfat!

No one said losing weight was easy, especially when you weight more than 300 pounds. Joshua Hatfield had many downfall during his journey that will make most people give up but he kept on pushing hard and eventually reach his goal.

If losing weight wasn’t challenging enough, Joshua entered The Dymatize 12 Week 200k Transformation Challenge and manage to get on the top 20 out of 435,000 people.

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“People Apparently Don’t Know Anything About Hard Work & Dedication. Claiming I’m On Steroids, Even When I’m Not. Saying I’m Not 5% Bodyfat, Even When I was. Guys, It IS 5% Bodyfat. I had it measured by a professional at my Gym. The reason it doesn’t look 5% Bodyfat is because what your seeing is actually deflated loose skin. Dropping weight very quickly makes you look deflated, so that skin your seeing around my mid section (mostly in the front double bicep pose) is more noticable. So I look fat & Ripped at the same time, it’s kinda weird. So guys, YES, I am Natural, if you don’t believe me, then that’s your own problem. Every single one of you guys have the exact same potential as I am to go into the Gym, put in the effort & have an even better Transformation than I did. So if you think my Transformation sucks with the limited time I had?, get out there & have an even better transformation than me. ;)”


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