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Calculate Calories Burn Running on a Treadmill

Want to know calculate how many calories burn running on treadmill. Well, you may find your answer here. If you’re trying to stay consistent, by have a treadmill at home, you further reduce your chances of skipping your treadmill routine because you are removing the travel and time barriers of going to your local gym. Now the pandemic has most people working out at home, as long as your consistent it, doesn’t matter where you are.

Treadmill To Lose Weight – How long Should I run for?

The type of workout you do on the treadmill determines how long you will be on the treadmill.

“How long Should I run for to lose weight” is one of the most asked questions when it comes a treadmill workout session. Take 10 minutes to warm up and 10 minutes to cool down for all types of treadmill workouts.

If you do a high-intensity workout, it should only last for 20 minutes, in addition to your warm-up and cool-down.

If you do a low-to-moderately intense endurance or weight-loss workout, you will spend about 45 – 60 minutes on your actual session including cool down.

To maintain your health, a total of 30 minutes of moderately intense treadmill exercise. If your time is limited, you can do a intense treadmill workout for 20 minutes instead of a low- to moderately intense workout for 60 minutes.

Calculate Calories Burned With the MET System

A great way to calculate the number of calories burned when running on a treadmill is to use the MET System. This system takes several factors into account, such as gender, weight, fitness level, and the speed and intensity of your workout. It then uses this information to estimate how many calories you have burned during your jog or run.

To make this calculation easier, use our online calculator that can do all of the work for you.


Intense Running Vs Easy Treadmill Sessions On A Treadmill – Calories Burned  Comparison

You burn slightly more calories with a short, intense workout compared to a longer, easier workouts. You also raise the tolerance level of your muscles to lactic acid when you do short-intense treadmill routines.

Performing short, highly intense exercise on the treadmill increases the amount of enzymes which break down stored body fat. Completing long, easier treadmill sessions trains your body to utilize stored body fat during exercise.

By varying the time and intensity of your treadmill workout, you increase the density of capillaries in your working muscles, increasing blood flow.

You also increase the capacity of your cells to use carbohydrates, fats and oxygen to fuel your workout.

You this tool to calculate your calories according to your weight, age, duration of your treadmill workout.

How calories do I burned in 30 Minutes on a treadmill ?

One treadmill misconceptions is you do not have to spend hours on your treadmill every day to lose weight or improve your fitness. If you vary the intensity of your treadmill session by changing the speed and the incline, you can modify the length of time you need to complete a treadmill routine.

You will also reap the same health benefits if you do interval training of three 10-minute treadmill walk and run session instead of a single 30-minute session.

Moderate 30 minutes treadmill session calories burned are as follow:

  • For a 125 pound person, he/ she would burned 210 calories.
  • For a 125 pound person, he/ she would burned 252 calories .
  • For a 125 pound person, he or she would burned 294 calories


You also have to take in account the amount of calories you consume prior to exercise.

If you do the same treadmill routine every session, your body will adapt to your training and your fitness performance will level off.

Instead of always running for 45-60 minutes, five days a week, switch to 2 long sessions with 2 high-intensity interval sessions. such as sprinting for 30 seconds and walking for 90 seconds for 20 total minutes.

Walking, running or doing a walk-and-run combination workout on a treadmill also eases the impact on your joints.

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