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Before and After 2 Years Natural Body Transformation INTERVIEW



Name: Erwann Bodolec
Start age: 17 years (April 2013)
Current age: 18 years
Start weight: 67kg
End of transformation weight: 81kg
Height: 1m82
Total weight lost or weight gain: gain + 14

Why did you decided to transform?

One day my girlfriend and me shirtless for me directly that he had to take the muscle. Laughing I launched in a few weeks and it became a passion, a love of life, work.


What keeps you motivated?

My old photos of me younger, people say I’ve changed. The girls in our society today. I love sports and that from an early age.


How often do you workout?

I workout everyday. Be it gymnastics, street or weight training workout



Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Chest day/ triceps
Tuesday: Leg day
Wednesday: Gymnastics and abs
Thursday: arms day
Friday: Gymnastics or shoulders/trapz
Saturday: Leg day and abs
Sunday: Street workout


Your future fitness goals?

Have physical fitness and work in international trade negotiations sporting goods


Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Do not go too fast, stay humble and please be yourself. Please do not stay in her bubble and stop to see his friends. Enjoy your life


Watch 2 year body transformation video

Social Profile:

Facebook: Erwann – Aesthetic Musculation
Instagram: @Erwannbodolec
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Erwannbodolec/videos

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