A wall sit, also known as a Roman Chair, is an exercise done to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. The wall sit exercise is a quad burner. This exercise is generally used for building isometric strength and endurance in the quadriceps muscle.

It is characterized by the two right angles formed by the body, one at the hips and one at the knees. The person wall sitting places their back against a wall with their feet shoulder width apart and a little ways out from the wall. Keeping their back against the wall, they lower their hips until their knees form right angles.

This is a very intense work out for the quadriceps muscles. Wall site is also used as a disciplinary activity in the armed forces.


  • glide down the wall until your legs are in a 90 degree angle
  • the feet do not move
  • push the back against the wall fully, avoid a hollow-back
  • try to hold this static position for 30 seconds


Be sure to watch “How to do the the wall sit exercise”. Lauren Hamlett does a good gob demonstrating the wall sit from the beginning of the exercise to finish.


Before beginning any exercise program, it is important to consult a physician about your current state of health and any problems that could arise during your selected form of exercise.