No other exercise routine out there can tone muscles or raise a heart rate quicker than a kettlebell workout. Kettlebell routines not only help to improve strength and stabilization, they also improve overall core integration.

To perform a successful kettlebell routine, you must begin with stabilization moves and progress until you can perform advanced moves, while still using proper form.

Stabilization moves such as the Turkish get up and single leg dead lift work to tone and strengthen the core. These moves require slow and steady movements to perform properly, and are excellent for beginners.

Kettlebell workout benefits:
– It’s fast. It is an efficient workout, combining cardiovascular and strength and flexibility conditioning.

– It’s fun. It offers challenge and variety because the moves can be changed endlessly, and if it gets too easy you can always add more weight.

– It’s functional. A kettlebell workout is based on functional movements. You might never use an arm curl in real life, but kettlebells should train your body to handle picking up Junior and the briefcase while chatting on the cell phone.

– It’s mobile. Take a single kettlebell to the park or on vacation and you can still do your workout.

– It’s safe. Using kettlebells is low impact, and if done correctly, a kettlebell workout is easy on the back.

Kettlebell workout routine:

  • Complete each exercise back-to-back.
  • Rest for one to two minutes, then repeat for a total of two or three circuits.
  • Do this routine two or three days a week, using  a 10- to 15-pound kettlebell.

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