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6 Kettlebell FAT BLASTING Workout Circuits

Maximize your Results with Kettlebell Workout

What if you can minimize the amount of time that you spend on exercise and maximize your results with Kettlebell Workout Circuits, why not do it? So that you can enjoy the things that matter. Just 10 to 20 minute workout sessions three times a week with kettlebell training you can see significant weight loss with just that small amount of time.

According to The American Council on Exercise, the average person burns 400 calories in a 20-minute kettlebell workout, which equal 20 calories per minute.

Besides burning fat, the following kettle circuit workout will get you squatting, pressing and pulling in functional ways that will enhance real life activities.

Kettlebell training for Weight loss

The reasons why kettlebell training is one of the best solutions for weight loss is they can burn as many calories as running. People just hate running, it can feel like you’re dying.

Kettlebell training for weight loss is the combination of strength and cardiovascular conditioning. It’s just more fun than running, plus you’re getting an added component of strength training also.

You can train your calves to your neck muscles just by swinging a kettlebell. That’s why kettlebell training is ideal for weight loss you can build that fat burning muscle mass and burn a ton of calories while working out.

Instead of trying to take up running again like you’ve tried a dozen times before to lose weight, it will be much easier and so much more enjoyable to have the diversity of a kettlebell in your training program.

To be able to have some versatility doing some different moves as opposed to step in one foot, in front of the other, and feel like you’re dying while you’re running.

6 Kettlebell FAT BLASTING Workout Circuits

1. Kettlebell Full-Body Exercises Fat Burning Circuit


2. Kettlebell Extreme Weight Loss Workout



3. FULL BODY Kettlebell workout


4. Kettlebell Warrior


Watch Kettlebell Warrior workout video

5. 12 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Cardio Workout


6. 20 FULL-BODY Kettlebell Burner


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