30 Fitness Motivation Quotes To Help Push Towards Your Goal

We have all been there, to that dark place short of motivation. Don’t feel like working out, weight loss plateaus, or whatever reason, don’t let any obstacle sidetrack your fitness journey. These quotes will help give you the encouragement and motivation you need to achieve your goals.

The solution to being consistence and exercising regularly isn’t about finding your inner self-enforcer. According to Kelly McGonigal, PhD, a health psychologist and fitness instructor at Stanford. Rather, “it’s getting creative and tapping your natural motivations.”

1. Don’t be Afraid


2. Not my swagger

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3. Still lapping everyone

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4. Ambituos Goals

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5. Strive for progress

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6. You’ve always been beautiful

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7. Why I can

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8. Demolish your goals

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10. I am obsessed

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11. Meeting with yourself

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12. No I am not on a diet

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13. Good things will come

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14. Kick ass, repeat

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15. Hard work is a two-way street

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16. Wake up with determination

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17. True happiness

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18. Keep calm

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20. Nothing will work

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21. Be afraid of standing still

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22. 4 Simple Rules

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23. Love your body

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24. It’s not easy

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25. Eat for the body you want

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26. I’d rather be thick

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27.The only one

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28. It changes your MIND

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30. Creation

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