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20 Examples Of Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

Skipping leg day has become a popular meme in the fitness world. People who skip leg day are often portrayed as skinny and weak, with no muscle definition in their legs. This is why skipping leg day has become a joke among gym-goers and bodybuilders alike.

A person who skips leg day is the easiest to spot, usually disguise by long shorts and a matching pair of small calves.  

If you train in a commercial gym you’ve probably noticed that most guys don’t train their legs the lower body machines at most gyms are ghost towns compared to the upper body.

Guys will line up for the bench press like they’re lining up for Space Mountain meanwhile nobody’s lining up to use the squat rack.

Why People Hate Leg Day Exercises?

That’s easy! For many people regardless if you’re a man or women, leg day exercise is the most terrifying day of the week.

Most would rather bench press or do bicep curls as they are much easier than the lower body workouts for them. Your gains will only be limited by the weak foundation!

The classic squats and lunges on leg day are least favorite (we don’t blame them) due to the excessive load on their lower body. This is the most common reason why most people prefer to skip the leg day in their workout routine.

Your legs has the biggest muscle in your body. For example the quads need lots of resources and rest to recover unlike the biceps which is a much smaller muscle group.

Top 5 Leg Day Exercise Benefits

1. Stimulates Entire body


You build more overall muscle by building your legs. Stimulates your entire body because your leg muscles are a massive muscle group.

When you train them a massive stimulus is sent to your central nervous system that triggers the greatest response from your body’s anabolic systems. This anabolic effect carries over into all of your other training. When you train to grow your legs you’re growing your entire body.

2. Increased Overall Strength

Stronger legs and stronger core muscles don’t just assist on your lower body workouts. They help you on your upper body lifts as well your legs lower back and core. When training upper body, leg drive matters, a weak lower body means a weak upper body. Imbalance in the body creates a weak frame.

Chicken legs already look bad on their own but when paired with a built upper body they somehow look even worse. It just looks comical.  

3. Symmetry

A lack of body symmetry doesn’t just hurt you on the outside, it hurts you on the inside too, plain and simple.

If you skip leg day you’re losing out on overall muscle growth and you’re weakening your upper. You’re minimizing overall strength and you’re killing your symmetry.

4.  Mental Strength

Last but not lease is Mental strength. This is another main reason why guys don’t train their legs. It’s physically taxing and mentally taxing because your legs are such a largest muscle group.  Leg training is the most intense type of training you could do. It challenges you physically and mentally.

The sad truth is that most guys just simply don’t have the mental strength to rise up to that challenge and get it done. The only way to whip yourself out of that mindset is to just push through and get your leg training done.

Leg day training will build your mental endurance and character like no other exercise.

5. Training Legs Reduced Risk of Injury

According to the American Council on Exercise, to promote stability in the knee for both men and women leg day exercises like squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, leg press, and calf raises.

Static have shown that 84% of people will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Having strong legs is the foundation of your upper body.

Strong glutes and a strong back will help if you sufferer from back pain (1). Leg day exercises that target the lower body and posterior chain like squats, glute bridges, hip lifts, and the lumbar extensors (lower back) all seem to lend some relief to lower back issues.

Top 20 Skip Leg Day Memes

I don’t always work legs..

Skip Leg Day


Good at carrying beer..

Skip Leg Day

The famous ‘friends’ caption

skip-leg-day1 (2)



Skip Leg Day


The aesthetic (upper) body crew

Skip Leg Day

Everyday is UPPER body day


It would of been much better if he had bigger quads



We know he’s good in the ring but DAMN!

skip-leg-day1 (16)

Their BIG, until you scroll down

skip-leg-day1 (15)

That’s literally a walking stick.

skip-leg-day1 (14)


LEGS? who needs them big?

skip-leg-day1 (13)

Signs of neglect

skip-leg-day1 (12)


skip-leg-day1 (11)

The rumors about the Wolverine having skinny legs was true


Chicken leg gang! gang gang!

Skip Leg Day

“Just focus on my triceps”

skip-leg-day1 (4)

The classic baggy shorts cover-up


Identical lower half!


Wonder why he didn’t show his face?


Dangerous move for the legs


Have a skinny leg meme you ‘d like to add or share to this list? Feel free to do so in the comment section below.


(1) Charity, L. (2017). Posterior Chain Exercises for Prevention and Treatment of Low Back Pain. ACSM Health and Fitness Journal.

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