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Top 8 Leg Workout ANATOMY

A complete lower body workout involves more than one exercise in order to tone and shape the buttocks and legs you must perform moves that can work these muscles at all angles. The best leg workouts are the ones that incorporate added weights to burn excess calories and tone muscles more quickly than using body weight alone. All of these moves incorporate free weights or weight machines to provide added resistance to intensify squats are considered the king of all lower body exercises. They work all areas of the gluteal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Squatting with a barbell increases the rate at which this move strengthens. Front squats are kinder to the shoulders than typical squats, allowing you to use a heavier weight. They promote increased depth, which works the muscles of the lower body more deeply.

Inclined leg presses work the quadriceps and glutes from a different angle than standing exercises. BY forcing the weight to be pressed upward, this move also helps to strengthen the joints. Leg extensions isolate the quadriceps muscles, and prevent injury to the knee by keeping it stabilized.

Lying leg curls tighten the hamstrings and calves to provide strength and definition. These muscle scan be the hardest to tone without the use of a leg curl machine.

Standing calf raises are an important part of a leg workout. The calves are one of the most neglected areas of the body, and performing this move will give them definition.

Seated calf raises work the calves in much the same way as standing calf raises, but are more stable due Machine abductors tone and tighten the inner thighs as well as increase the flexibility of the hips.
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legs workout anatomy

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