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Zena Transformation Blast 150 Pounds Of Fat In 1 Year

girl fat loss transformation

Left pic – May 2014 / 280lbs
Right pic – March 2015 / 175 lbs

“Being very over weight my entire life, im stilll suprised i finally took control and commited to making the change! Still a work in progress, but im so happy and proud of myself for making it where i am now.

girl fat loss transformation

“A little Weight loss journey update! I was having a tough time once i hit 190… Scale began to go up & down abit, but finally i think i got this back on track and hit 180!! Here goes a back view before/after. Still got some major muffin top goin on but im now 15 pounds away from my “goal weight”! Still cant really believe it, feel like its a prank hahah. The last time i even remember being in the 100’s is when i was in 3rd grade. So, its crazy to me ”
girl fat loss transformation

“Hard to believe its really me on the right, but then again i can. Since i still… Gots no butt hahah im over it. 1 year/100 pound difference. You can definitely do it too. Dont give up and keep on trying, and you will get where you want. I know its tough, but its definitely possible. Try cutting out certain foods/drinks that effect your body badly at your own pace, if its difficult for you to start off. Diet/nutrition is definitely most important to take care of when you want to lose weight. As you go on in your journey, it should become easier because you’ll get used to your routine.”

girl fat loss transformation

“The “new” me still hasn’t officially sunk in my brain yet and often still feel like the same huge girl & keep thinking the weight i lost didn’t make a huge difference, but comparing these pictures actually wowed me for once Excited for this month to hit some new goals & improve myself more. Look foward to leaving the 180’s and hopefully hit my goal weights 170/165!! Good luck to you all on weight loss journeys too! Keep consistent and never give up, knock your goals out!”


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