Full name: Yasemin Tuncdoruk
Height: 170cm
Birthday: 23rd of June 1996 (17 years old)
Before weight: 75kg or 165lbs
Lowest weight: 55kg or 121lbs
Current weight: 60kg or 132lbs (for the questions no i’m not gaining “fat”, it’s mainly due to muscle development)

How long it took to lose weight?

the whole 20kgs took about 12 months, but my before photo was at 65kg, (not 75kg my heaviest) it took about 7 months to get from the before photo to my after photo (didn’t have any photos of my body at 75kg :’(


How long did it take you to tone and when did you start?

I honestly have no idea haha, I don’t even know if i’m at the point where I think I’m ‘toned’ yet. For the before and after picture of toning maybe it took 4-8 months? I have no idea I never took track of it, I was just going to the gym and experimenting with different workouts and there I was one day with a much more toned and tighter stomach, it’s not something I really took note of, it was a gradual change I didn’t even realize i was changing! I started doing those toning exercises when I reached about 58kg though, sorry for the broad answer haha hopefully it makes sense

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