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Yasemin 45 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Full name: Yasemin Tuncdoruk
Height: 170cm
Birthday: 23rd of June 1996 (17 years old)
Before weight: 75kg or 165lbs
Lowest weight: 55kg or 121lbs
Current weight: 60kg or 132lbs (for the questions no i’m not gaining “fat”, it’s mainly due to muscle development)

How long it took to lose weight?

the whole 20kgs took about 12 months, but my before photo was at 65kg, (not 75kg my heaviest) it took about 7 months to get from the before photo to my after photo (didn’t have any photos of my body at 75kg :’(

How long did it take you to tone and when did you start?

I honestly have no idea haha, I don’t even know if i’m at the point where I think I’m ‘toned’ yet. For the before and after picture of toning maybe it took 4-8 months? I have no idea I never took track of it, I was just going to the gym and experimenting with different workouts and there I was one day with a much more toned and tighter stomach, it’s not something I really took note of, it was a gradual change I didn’t even realize i was changing! I started doing those toning exercises when I reached about 58kg though, sorry for the broad answer haha hopefully it makes sense


What age were you when you started to lose weight?

14 turning 15

Your current goal?

My goals now are to work on my overall fitness, tone up and get my body fat percentage lower.

Goals for the future?

I know I want to work in the fitness industry, I’m just not sure what path to take yet. I really want to help people that were in the same position as I was

Yasemin Weight Loss Transformation

How long is your average gym session?

An hour and a half

How many times do you work out a week?

Depends what I have going on e.g exams, work, family things or parties but usually I like to work out from 3-5 days a week

What’s your average workout?

Everyday consists of a 10 minute stretch before the workout

Day 1 Cardio Day: 60 minutes of cardio from cardio workouts for gym
Day 2 Legs: 30 minutes cardio and leg workouts
Day 3 Cardio Day: 60 minutes of cardio
Day 4 Upper Body: 30 minutes cardio and upper body workouts
Day 5 Cardio Day: 60 minutes of cardio

After every workout I do my ab workouts for gym then a 10 minute stretch afterwards

My workout can be used as a starting basis for you but i recommend learning and creating a workout that suits and works for you!
And sometimes I don’t get time to go 5 days a week but I always make sure to try and get my leg workouts, abs and upper body workouts in.

Why did you decide to lose weight?

I got to a stage in my life where I hated myself, i didn’t like who I was, I didn’t like going out because I hated the way I looked, I couldn’t go to the beach, I could never find an outfit that looked good and my love life consisted of chocolate. I had been trying to lose weight for ages and it seemed impossible but I knew deep down I had the potential to do something about it, weight isn’t something that just happens, you bring it upon yourself so it was up to myself to ultimately change it and that’s what the main changing point was for me, that this is my karma for letting myself go so much, me having to lose the weight. You’re probably thinking it’s not that easy or whatever, but seriously I’ve been through it all you need is pretty much a good slap to the face from yourself and think “is this seriously the way I want to live the rest of my life? I’m going to be that fat girl that goes clubbing with her friends and just sits there awkwardly while everyone dances and has fun” etc. etc.

Yasemin Weight Loss Transformation

What was your workout before you lost weight?

I almost did close to no exercise for the first 3 months losing weight (I do not recommend this) but when I first started going to the gym all I did was stretch and cardio (only because I didn’t know what to do)

Do you have stretch marks and did they go away when you lost weight?

Yes I do have stretch marks and no they didn’t, they did get less noticeable but seriously most girls have stretch marks, it’s so common nobody really cares I’ve realized, and I use to be really self conscious about them

What does your diet consist of?

Breakfast: healthy cereals (special K, all bran etc.), oats or muesli with dried fruits, rye/wholegrain toast, eggs!
Recess/or snack 1: Apples, bananas, carrots, grapes, strawberries (fruits and vegetables)
Lunch: Salads, meats, chicken, healthy wholegrain or rye bread sandwiches with cold meats or vegemites, brown rice sushi, a can of tuna with salad
After school/snack 2: more fruit or veges, nuts or maybe a healthy juice or smoothie
Dinner: Salad with a form of protein like egg and meat, healthy stir fries, chicken and steamed vegetables
Dessert: (if you crave it) coconut, blueberries and strawberries with a little bit of light cream! be creative, just don’t be creative by lathering an almond with 50 layers of caramel…


Did you/have you strayed from eating healthy/how did you deal with it?

Yes I did, happened in the winter holidays last year I got up to about 65kg. I just got really pissed off at myself and I was like why would you do this again and then I would comfort eat, but then I made myself get healthy again as I was going to Bali that year and wanted to look nice, and as soon as I started eating healthy again I realized that I actually love healthy foods/how they make me feel/the taste and freshness and the overall good feeling you get for eating it. nobody feels good after they’ve eaten unhealthily but everyone feels good when they’re eating well and that motivated me to get back into it

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