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Weekly Exercise Can Add 5 Years to An Elderly Person’s Life

Half an hour of moderate exercise five days a week is all an elderly person needs to potentially add another five years to his or her life, making it just as beneficial to life expectancy as giving up smoking. Indeed, an elderly person who exercises for three hours a week is 40% more likely to see their 75 th birthday than one who doesn’t obtain any exercise.

Elderly people who get their fair share of moderate exercise enjoy a greater mental capacity, will recover quicker from wounds or sicknesses and are less likely to suffer a damaging fall due to their improved balance. They also become less susceptible to chronic diseases such as stroke and diabetes – not to mention that they’ll feel happier and more self-confident following their 30 minutes of exercise.

Organizing an exercise plan for an older person is quite simple. All that’s needed is half an hour of walking, swimming, cycling or aerobics, along with a few basic stretches and balancing workouts. Once that is in place, it’s up to us to encourage our elders to give it a try and persuade them to stick with it if their enthusiasm begins to wilt. Then again, they might enjoy it so much that the motivationto exercise comes purely from within.

Check out this infographic from Home Care Plus for more information on how elderly people can get the right type and amount of exercise to benefit their health.

Exercise for the Elderly

2.5 hours of exercise a week can add 5 years to an older person’s life [Visual asset]

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