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Walmart Diet Help Overweight Man Lose 300 Pounds

Pascal Brocco is a man on a mission to inspire others through his weight-loss journey with the help of Walmart Diet that Help him lose over 300 Pounds. This is one of those transformation that are hard to believe.

He is known to others as “Possible Pat”, he accomplished the impossible. Just 3 years ago he was tipping the scale at more than 600 pounds.

He had a wake up call when he got so big that his doctors told him he can die in his sleep. But thanks to eating clean and a rigorous workout schedule, he’s down to a lean to 280, leaving a lot of extra skin. That’s where surgery comes in. Pat says he’s nervous but driven.

“You walk to Walmart three times a day, and you end up walking 6 miles. It’s amazing because I never walk 6 miles in my life, and I was doing it every day.”

Walmart Diet Lose 300 Pounds

“now I feel like there’s no turning back, especially when I’m motivating so many people.”

Walmart Diet Lose 300 Pounds

Ever since he was young, Pat was always known as the BIG kid. Until 3 years ago at 28 years old Pat weigh in at a shocking 605 pounds. Already in prediabetes his doctors told him he was in serious danger if he didn’t change.


Pat perminently ditch the junk foods and turned to clean eating. It bascially was vegetables, meat, and clean carbs. Carbs such as sweet potatoe, brown rice, Quinoa, and steel cut oatmeal. Learning along the way he’d never be able to eat certain foods again.

“a lot of people don’t realize it’s not just eating clean, it’s cooking clean, if you cook a healthy meal and grease is no longer healthy. once I figured out dairy was my downfall, I took it out my diet and instantly I started losing weight again”


“at 600 pounds I couldn’t even go to the gym, I didn’t fit on the machines”

From Walmart walks, to workouts at the gym, incline on the treadmill, pushing the sled, now Pat can do it all!

Walmart Diet Lose 300 Pounds-transformation-

When Pat was 600 pounds his typical diet would include 100 pieces of chicken McNuggets, 1 large meatball sandwiches, donuts, chocolate, a whole bag of cereals, gallons of milk, and of course lots of soda. That’s a whopping 11,000 calories he’s adding to his body daily!

“Possible Pat shares his story”

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