There’s is a lot of misconception floating around on the internet about getting a six pack abs. Mostly talk about nutrition and diet, though we must say some are indeed reliable information while others will have you testing on your own for months if not years, on which method works and what doesn’t work. So we want to show you this very resourceful infographics provided by FIGHTSHOP does a good job covering the facts of how to actually get a six pack besides exercising.

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The Science behind the exercise

how to sixpackabs

  • Exercise increase the rate at which the body burn calories. This, in combination with the correct diet, will lead to greater definition and ability to build a six pack.
  • High intensity interval exercise increase testosterone and produce growth hormone beneficial for developing a well define muscle.
  • Exercise is useless without the right type of diet. High protein is needed for muscle growth and repair.

Body Fat Facts and Figures


A lack of sleep increase cortisol  levels, a hormone associated with stress and retention of body fat. So it is always recommended that you get a good night sleep.

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Myths About Stomach Fat and Body Fat


Myth#1 Suppressing hunger is a good way of burning fat

Eating regularly (every three hours) is the best way to keep your body burning calories. 6 small meals a day should replace 3 larger meals.

Myth#2 Low carbs diet is necessary for burning fat

Actually such a diet will only suppress hunger and reduce water retention.

Myth#3 Crunches are the best way to burn stomach fat

Crunches is an ineffective way of achieving a six-pack.

Myth#4 Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to burn fat

Well targeted weights can achieve better results.

Myth#5 You need a gym to lose body fat

No need to explain! In this day and age we all know that’s NOT TRUE. Fat burning exercises can be performed anywhere.

Six Pack Ab Nutrition and Diet


Besides exercise diet is one of the most important aspects of getting a six pack ab. No matter how much you workout you also have to know what to eat. The following are the most six pack friendly foods and unfriendly foods. Eat at least 150 grams of protein per day. The body uses three times the energy to digest protein as it does with carbs.

Six pack abs workout routine


Upright exercise is most effective for working the core. Lying down doesn’t work the core as well. For example, squat exercise will established a more stabilized core strength more than sit-ups. This chart also demonstrate what to do and what not do during ab exercises.

Image: Miss Olympia Dana Linn Bailey
Infographic: FightShop